Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Knitting Thoughts

July 4, 2005:
…knitting reminds me of all the high and low points in life. We put it together, stitch by stitch, and there are a lot of boo-boos, flub-ups, do-overs, but for the most part it’s just “head-down data entry.” How’s that for knitting philosophy 101?

The above was from my first blog on July 3, 2005. There I was, just starting out in a new venture with Comfort Zone dpns, blogging about all things knitting related, and already over-thinking the simple things. It’s the story of my life! The first year has been fun, educational, filled with new friends, and moments of joyful fulfillment. I guess any year we live that doesn’t include tragedy (we’ve had a few in our lives, like the passing of our youngest daughter at the age of 29), health problems (had a few of those too, like most people), or business obstacles, is a great year! I’m thankful for that, and so much more. Life is truly good.

Happy July 4th, and here’s to another great year ahead….

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wendy said...

Happy Happy! May your coming years be full of good health and happiness, oh, and knitting!