Monday, September 04, 2006

Thank You, Thank You

Let me begin with a special thanks to everyone who commented on my last post, with cheers, good wishes, and kind thoughts, especially Stingdragon, who offered good advice on not lifting anything heavy. I was told when I left the hospital that I should not lift anything heavier than a gallon jug of milk. I couldn’t even guess how hard that would be! Everything is heavier than a gallon of milk—my 12 pound dog who comes in from the rain with wet feet; laundry detergent sitting on the floor by the washer; my purse, yes we even had to weigh my purse because I generally carry more than 5 pounds in it. What do you take out of your purse so you can carry it? I need it all!
In addition, a big thank you to my Sockapaloooza pal who sent these beautiful beaded socks with get-well wishes. Ina, you are an angel! She also sent a potato, leek soup mix—our dinner tonight as it happens. I can’t wait to dip a spoon into that yummy mixture. Thanks Ina for the warm feet and thoughts.

I am finally down to the toe on the second STR Lemongrass sock. DD will be able to wear them to work tomorrow. I’ll take a pic in a couple days, as soon as I figure out the problem with Kodak Easy Share. It just decided to stop working on my computer. It does, however, like my DH’s computer, so I have to download pictures there and put them on a CD. Whatever it takes!

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