Friday, September 15, 2006

I Kip, You Kip, We all Kip....

It took me weeks to decide between the Jordana Paige knitting bag, which is gorgeous, and the Knit Picks KIP (Knit In Public) bags. Then I had a dream of taking my shawl out of the bag and putting in my sock project; then taking the socks out and putting in the scarf project; then taking out the scarf…well, you get the idea. Five bags for the price of one—that sort of answers the question. So I bought the KIP bags and after arranging each with a project and realizing that the “purse” bag fits inside of each of the other bags, as well as clips to the outside, I knew I had hit a home run! Now I grab the project that I want to carry with me, already nestled within the appropriate bag, slip in my purse bag, and off I go. I’m not so thrilled with clipping the bags together, or the purse to the outside of a larger bag, but it’s a nice concept, and I might use it on some occasion. But the bags—ahhh the BAGS—they are roomy, have tons of little pockets (and big pockets) inside each one, and a utility bag for all those little knitting accoutrements we must also carry. There is also a chart holder to match, which doesn’t come with the bags, but is worth the $10. One last very neat thing, the big one is a great overnight bag, as I discovered when DD grabbed it to pack some things to bring to me in the hospital. She had a bunch of stuff in that bag, and it would have held more.

On the knitting front, I am about to finish DD’s “blob” skinny scarf (as they say in Texas, “fixin’ to finish”), and I am so pleased with it. It is surely one of the prettiest things I have ever done. It looks like it has small roses blooming all over it. The Canadian stash is turning out to be as exciting as I thought it would be! I am also working on a pair of pink Cascade socks for DDIL (darling daughter-in-law). Her tiny little Asian feet make for a fast knit sock, although, I must confess to not enjoying the Cascade. It will never be one of my favorite yarns.

So, I think things are getting back to normal around here. I’m doing more, feeling stronger, knitting more, and definitely enjoying life more. It doesn’t get better than that!

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wendy said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.