Friday, November 10, 2006

Tip Of The Day

A Comfort Zone customer gave me a great tip today. RB in Massachusetts said she wears Gold Toe socks under her hand knitted socks. It makes them wear longer, and I would bet they are warmer as well. She also said that Macy’s has a store brand named “Hue” that works as well. I’m talking about light weight, white socks that are smooth and comfy under your knitted socks, and take the impact of toe and heel abuse. I’ve never tried that, but I do reinforce the toes of all my socks—sometimes with reinforcing thread, and sometimes with fingering or sport weight yarn in a contrast color.

Another long-life tip for knitted socks is washing them in Eucalan. That is miracle stuff! It smells good, makes your knits feel soft, and you don’t rinse it out, but leave it in your woolens for conditioning and long wear. All too often knitted objects are beautiful for only a short time, and with any wear and tear are too soon no longer useful. I have socks with reinforced toes that have lasted for three years now. Others, without the reinforced toes, have gone bye-bye in less than a year. So why not do everything we can to preserve our precious knitted objects.

Regarding miracles, even better than Eucalan, I received word yesterday from my Neurosurgeon that my latest MRI shows that the blood left in my head from the subdural hematoma has redistributed or absorbed. That means I will not have to have more surgery right now! We will watch it for the next six months to a year, but for now I’m home free—literally! Thanks to all my friends who sent good wishes and for all the prayers. They worked! Life is good.

BTW, the Nasturtium socks are finished.


RheLynn said...

Great sock tips, thanks! Although I just dropped by, glad to hear you got really good news from your doctor as well!

Melissa said...

Great socks. Wonderful news on the MRI. I'm so happy for you!

wendy said...

I'm so glad to hear the good news...congradulations!
What if you knit so many socks that your loved ones can change them out in the middle of the day for new

Bliss said...

Great to hear the good news on your MRI. Another good thing about wearing thin under socks is for the wool sensitive. My sister loves my hand knitted socks, as well as felted boot liners - but she is wool sensitive. So she came up with the idea of wearing the thin socks underneath and it works great.

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