Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anything That Can Happen...

Before the WordPress blog went down the drain I posted about Caller Herrin, the Fair Isle hat that I started about two weeks ago.  It has been slow going because I have concentrated on the sweater.

I love Fair Isle and haven't done any for quite a while.  There was my year of living dangerously and completing fifteen Fair Isle hats for Christmas gifts.  Since then I have been resting on my Fair Isle laurels.  Caller Herrin was a natural for slipping back into stranded knitting. 

Then, work on the hat stopped abruptly.  All it took was a slice through my left forefinger with a very sharp chopping knife.  When I knit Fair Isle I use both hands.  I know knitters who use only one hand and switch yarn colors as they throw or pick.  Nope, I use two hands with a different color in each hand.  A very sore, heavily bandaged forefinger makes that next to impossible!

I was at the top, ready to begin the final decreases when this happened.  Now the hat waits in the knitting basket for the day when my finger is healthy enough to play its part in the program.  Good news--I just started the last front piece for the sweater. 

Life is good and the finger is healing.


kathy b said...

Been there done THAT more than once So sorry those knife injuries hurt hurt hurt! The hat is glorious...what a fun knit awaiting your return . I hold the yarn like you do too,when I fair isle! My last injury was a guacomole.....what was this injury due to ?

fun_with_insomnia said...

I was sent to your blog via the lovely commenter above. I asked about the Comfort Zone site/needles on Ravelry and Kathy b answered. I didn't see a contact button on the blog so I'm commenting here. Hope it works.

I'm interested in some sock size dpn's, and I understand the site is down but business is open! But I can't view or price them out. Any info you could give me, and price/shipping/color options etc. would be helpful.

Please contact me. I'm runningwithsoda on ravelry or email at fun_with_insomnia {at sign not typed to prevent spammers) yahoo.com.


Grace said...

just found you again, did you know you were lost, I wish I loved Fair Isle I want to do more of it but sometimes it is beyond me, any easy patterns for a novice (definitely not the Foolish virgins scarf although I still plan on doing it somed

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