Thursday, February 24, 2011

Once In A Blue Moon

The new project on my needles is a pair of fingerless mitts from Knitty called Spirogyra in Blue Moon Hand Painted Sock Candy in the Delicious colorway.  Sock Candy is 96% cotton and 4% Elite, an elastic that they say "wears well."  The color is so yummy I could eat it and the stretchy yarn is not bad either.  I thought it might be as hard to use as Fixation but it is not!

It took a while to get my Sock Candy.  In the past I have plugged the wonderful yarn and service of Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  I even convinced myself that their excellent and quick delivery of my orders was because they valued me, me, me above all customers.  Man did I have a rude awakening!  Many of you know that they have had a rough month.  They were short a dyer and were hit hard with unusually large number of orders.  After three weeks of hearing nothing from them I called and was told--well, pretty much what I just told you.  My point being that once in a blue moon even Blue Moon messes up, but it doeesn't make me love their yarn any less.
I received an order from Knit Picks in short order--a seven day turn-around.  The lace weight Palette in peach will be knit on size 5 needles to create an airy summer sweater called E-Z V-neck Cardigan.  Can't wait to start this one.  I am coming to the end of the second front piece of Victoria from Knitty, and will make quick work of the sleeves (I hope).

Knitting time is at a premium, but it is too important to ignore.  Move over work.  I.  Must.  Knit.

Life is good.


kathy b said...

Those spyrogyra fingies will be adorable. Glad to hear they are kinder on hands than the fixation...

Interesting customer service happenings.

Knitting is way too important to ignore.....SO glad you are taking , making and faking the time to Knit my dear friend.

Grace said...

oh I so agree I, Must, Knit. NOW!!!!!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

In this economy I think many companies would be thrilled to be so overwhelmed with orders! They do have wonderful yarns so it will be worth the wait ~

I keep hearing good things about Palette yarn and (because the company won't ship overseas) I just sent a box full to Scotland destined to be a lovely fair isle sweater :)

Lots of wonderful projects ~ work can definitely wait!