Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Travel Knitting

Just 18 days until we leave for Chicago for the second BIG wedding in as many years.  I am starting to think about what I will take along for trip knitting.  This year we are putting a little different spin on the trip by taking an RV bus.  It's one of those things that sleeps 8 people and provides the comforts of home. 
There would probably be enough room in the RV for part of my yarn stash and several more projects, except that there are 9 of us and two dogs traveling together.  I'm not sure I remember who thought this was a good idea or I might have a long, intense  talk with them.  If nothing else, this should be the funniest vacation we have taken since twelve of us hit Disney World.  The video camera will be in constant use and could produce an award winning video.  I think we will title it "Family Gone Bad."  (The Disney World video is titled, "Who Let The Dogs Out?")

Anyway, knitting must be confined to an easily memorized pattern and simple stitches because my mind will most likely wander at times and at other times it will be completely impossible to think.  I'm considering a new pattern from Knitting Daily--the Universal Scarf with an easy stitch sequence and Wendy Johnson's Lace Edge Cardigan, easily knit in portable pieces.
I will not be carrying Corinne Cardigan which is getting heavier by the day.  I am approaching the right sleeve which means that I hold the weight of the left front, left sleeve and the entire back in my lap while I knit.  What was I thinking making this sweater in the Summer?

I'm feeling the growing excitement of a family trip and making lists and spreadsheets (yes I'm one of those geeks that puts everything on a spreadsheet). 

You can see that even the dogs are excited!  Really--this is what they do when they are excited!

Life is good.


Grace said...

wonderful that you have a get away planned!!

I have given up on the mystery shawl, the lace is just more then I want to deal with--I have 2 other lace shawls going to, so rather then rip it out, after the 2nd chart, I started stockinette and will do that until the end---my most current mindless project!!!

Katherine said...

Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I am tempted to do the same. Maybe it's summer that is getting to us!

kathy b said...


ANY chance we can meet thi syear??? I"ll travel to you....just an hour???

Katherine said...

I would love it! We will have plenty of time there so I know we can work it out. I'll send you our dates and call you when we get there.