Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Back and Forth

Finally I can see Corinne's back emerging as I knit back and forth, back and forth, back and...you get the picture.  I love garter stitch but straight knitting can get tiresome--doing the same thing, the same stitch, back and forth.  Since I am not even half way across the back of the sweater (hope to get there today) it's still a long way to the right sleeve and front.  The short row shaping is done in sets of 8 rows that encourage me to stop, sip wine, do a happy dance or just a moment of thankful meditation for yet another pattern set completed.  Okay, so maybe I really do like the back and forth thing!

Other back and forth things I like:
*  Old manual typewriters.  I loved throwing that carriage across!
*  Clocks with pendulums.  They put me to sleep.
*  Rocking chairs.  The dogs beg me to rock them.
*  Newton's Cradle.  Useless but mesmerizing.

 Are there back and forth things you enjoy?

 Finishing first chart of the Mystery Summer Shawl KAL.

This guy came to visit.  He was waiting on the front door screen hoping to fly in and take a bite of something or someone.  Sorry big guy--no vampires allowed!  (Actual size)

Life is good.


kathy b said...

The dogs beg you to rock them...that is adorable.
I love to rock . Love to rock the babies at work too when there is precious time.

Back and forth: I love the back and forth of comments and posts!
I love the back and forth of turning down the sheets and jumping in and pulliing up the covers!

Your sweater color is great Katherine. Beautiful

kathy b said...

im suddenly inspired: IM a going to knit a skydiving scarf! today,
I cast on for practice last night...today teh REAL thing