Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New and Old

A couple new things going on--I have cast on for Catherine Socks by Kate Blackburn and am knitting along on a 9 inch circular.  I had no idea I could knit socks on teeny-tiny circulars but thanks to SusanB of Seduced By Yarn blog I have learned a new and enjoyable method.  Thanks Susan!!  Instead of using the interesting heel as written in the pattern I have decided to try Cat Bordhi's new Sweet Tomato Sock Heel.  You can find a tutorial for the heel here on YouTube or you can buy a book of patterns using the heel on Cat's website.  
It seems like long, long ago that I started the one piece cardigan called Corinne.  I believe I can see the end in sight but I have to say that I have reached the point of screaming from boredom.  As close as I am to being finished (15 more pattern repeats) I sometimes feel that I can't knit another row on Corinne.  It will be beautiful when finished and I think it will be one of my favorites but--I will never knit another one piece sweater!!
To reduce the chance of falling asleep from boredom I cast on for Pretty In Pink by Josee Paquin.  I love the design of this cardigan/wrap.  Thanks Josee for sheer genius!  I found it on Ravelry and ordered the yarn from Elann the same day.  I'm using Grignasco Merinogold in the Tiffany Glass colorway and let me tell you, I want more of this yarn!  It is so soft and easy to knit, and the colors are gorgeous.  It reminds me of Debbie Bliss Rialto.  I decided that a long scarf would be a nice touch for the cardigan and went back to order more of the Tiffany Glass.  It was gone!  It was gone everywhere!  Finally I found several skeins on eBay and was able to order them but I'm afraid that yarn is like people--only the good die young.  

Hope it's cool where you are!

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SusanB-knits said...

Glad you like knitting with the 9" circular. I'm always working different heels with the basic pattern. I've heard about Cat's new heel but haven't tried it yet. I'll be checking out the utube video. Thanks!