Sunday, November 06, 2011

Molasses In January

When things were moving slowly my sweet Mom would say it was moving like, "Molasses in January."  That's the way I feel about knitting, work, reading, life--in general things are slow this time of year.  I think I have too many things on my mind.  So much so that "scattered" doesn't begin to describe it!  And here comes Christmas.  I can't even think about it today so I'll do my Scarlet O'Hara routine and think about it tomorrow.

The Lace Edged sweater, in the wonderful Knit Picks organic sport weight Simply Cotton, is beautiful but moving so slowly I may be able to wear it next year this time.  I love this yarn but apparently the Marshmallow color I am using is all that is left of it.  I hope they get some other colors in soon. 

I have benched the Deadmau5 hat for a bit.  The ears are daunting and will require more thought than I can give them now.  So,  I have started the Dead Fish hat.  The mouth was a pain to shape (I hate short rows) but once done the rest of the hat is smooth sailing and the colors are going to be great.  I will post pictures when I have knit enough of the body to get the mouth to photograph in the right shape.  BTW, am I the only knitter in the world who dislikes short rows?
My big challenge, which I have promised myself not to start before I finish the current sweater, is Elizabeth Zimmermann's Surprise Jacket in the adult size.  I read the pattern and it is NOT as easy as the baby size.  This should be fun!
Macy and Max are hiding from the cooler weather (41 degrees here today) and doing a lot of snuggling.  Not even one toy has been taken out of the toy box so far.  Hibernation is good.

Life is good(er)!!


SissySees said...

Macy reminds me of Mugsy with that red harness on, being a sweet, snuggly lapdog...

(Mugsy was our male JRT)

Katherine said...

Yes, Macy is our red harness girl. We tried a pink harness and then a brown one and they just didn't look like Macy. We call it her handle because we grab her by it when she is "wired" and doesn't listen to commands. LOL

kathy b said...

Awwwww, the pups look so content. Our radiators are on again, and the cats are soooo content to lie on them.

Im going to start some holiday gift cowls next. Must keep going on al's leg warmers.....

never heard your mom's saying but I love it!