Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Very little knitting to speak of except the red sockies I have been knitting in the office between clients.  I grabbed some nubby red Lion Brand Wool Ease, cast on 40 stitches and started knitting with size #7 needles to make slipper type socks.  I added red heel and toe reinforcement of cotton wrapped with nylon so they will wash easily and wear forever.  I don't have time or patience to keep count of stitches or track lace patterns in the office so mindless knitting is in order. 
Other than that--no knitting going on here.  I am tired at night and have been fighting some vicious little virus that makes me want to quit and put my head on a pillow.  Not in the cards!!

I talk to clients about all sorts of things and today we started a "thread" about the things people collect.  I am frivolous and fickle when it comes to collecting.  Over the years I have collected a variety of things and am now left with odds and ends that don't constitute a true assembly of articles, but are too lovely and too much me to get rid of.  

For example:  Tea pots--this was really my mother's idea.  She started giving me teapots as gifts simply because I drink tea.  Can 7 teapots really be a collection?
Antique pens:  This is my heart of hearts collection--the thing that friends, family and any gift giver gives me knowing it will be received with great appreciation.  There are two antique Mont Blanc pens that I use daily (one on my desk and one beside my computer).  They carry a penalty of slow, painful death if touched by anyone other than me.  A few of the others are shown here.   My treasure is the white pearl Waterman pen given to me by my parents and used when I took shorthand in school.  That was at a time when stenographers used pens for shorthand (I say in fear of dating myself).
The other thing that comes close to being a collection but is really utilitarian is my collection of sunglasses.  I wore big black sunglasses before Jackie Kennedy made them famous.  I had a pair of prescription Jack O's that were actually original Nina Ricci 3203 sunglasses.  There I was shopping in a military exchange in Germany when I put my precious glasses on the counter beside me while I wrote a check.  Someone reached down and picked them up and I thought it was my hubby so I didn't even look up.  Right!  When I finished, the glasses were gone and DH didn't have them.  I have spent the years since that day looking for the "right" pair of sunglasses.  I am still searching collecting!

Life is good.


kathy b said...

Hey you be good to you. THis is your busy season my friend.
I collect hearts ...that is about it. I have a wall of hearts on the way to my downstairs bathroom. I have a heart diamond from Fireman.

Oh I think I collect cats too

SissySees said...

Yes, 7 is a collection if you call it such.

LOVE the pens. Wow.

And now I can read this to the Knight and explain why I have too many handbags; I'm still searching for THE right one.