Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quick Like A Bunny

That's the way my life is going right now.  Not much time for posting, picture taking, thinking....  This too shall pass, but until then I will check in and say "Hi" from time to time.

The red socks are coming along.  I am almost down to the toe of the second sock and it has been so warm I probably will not wear them until next year.  The important thing is that they have been an excellent office project--something to knit "at" between appointments. 
The pups are busy with their own appointments.  Between squirrel sightings they butter up clients and shadow couriers and delivery people.  Right now they are both standing beside my desk talking to me about it being time for lunch.
Thanks to all who shared Valentine's wishes and helped me pull my head out of the hole for a little while to enjoy a special day.  Next week we start our late evening hours and all day push toward the final hurrah.  You can see what is on my letter stand behind the picture of Macy.  I am thinking of Christmas gifts because there is light at the end of the tunnel.
 Through it all--life is good!!

A picture for you from DS#3's latest birding expedition:


SissySees said...

What cuties! I'm glad they make you take breaks. Is that cowl for Macy?

Grace said...

adore the bird shot, but I love birds of prey!

kathy b said...

THe fur babies are tooooooo cute. I was rooting for the caterpillar dog at WESTMINSTER..something about the little pups just got to me!

Here's to the end of your SEASON. SUch an intense time for you!!! But you make it through every year!~!
I LOVE your blue knit plans...