Thursday, March 08, 2012

Lots O' Luck

Yesterday my swap box came from Karen in New York.  This was for Grace's St. Patrick's Day swap and what fun it was!!  Karen included a crocheted shamrock pin and a Lots O' Luck button to wear for the season.  I put the shamrock on right away and had to fight off hands reaching for the button.  Get away, get away!  I can hear things rattling in the middle of the yarn ball and can't wait to get to them.  Can you guess whether I plan to rewrap the yarn and claim the goodies inside.  Of course I do!

I wrapped the goodies for my swap partner one at a time and have never had so much fun--one at a time, around and around.  They would slip out and go flying across the office and by the time I had everything tightly bound in the ball we were rolling on the floor in laughter.  Best ever swap Grace!!
I have a confession to make.  I made a boo-boo.  I flubbed.  I screwed up the organic cotton shawl and had to tink back six rows to unscramble even a part of it.  Another part is not repairable unless I rip the whole thing out again.  Not gonna'!  (See inside blue circle in photo).  What I will do is install a lifeline and hedge my bets.

I know I have shared my philosophy on knitting errors in the past, which is that I am not perfect nor is my knitting.  My Mother's friend Stella, the wonderful lady who taught me to knit, was someone who today would be a professional knitwear designer.  My feelings about this come from her.  She could knit a shawl, afghan/blanket, sweater without a single flaw or glitch but chose not to.  She would deliberately place a reversed stitch, an inch without a pattern repeat or a yarn over in a place where it did not belong.  Nothing that was obvious, but she knew it was there.  She told me, "Perfection makes me nervous.  I'm afraid that when I reach perfection it will be all over."  I never asked her what would be over.  Knitting?  Life?  I was 9 years old and I guess I didn't want to know!

Anyway, the mistake is there and if anyone notices it when it is tossed around my shoulders I will just say, "Oh well, I guess I haven't reached perfection yet."

Life is good.


SissySees said...

A friend in my former knitting guild used to say, "If you can't see it from 10 feet away, it's not a mistake." I'm pretty sure even with you noting the blip, I would struggle to find it person...

Is your yarn pink and green? If so, what brand/colorway?

kathy b said...

My swapper was Grace herself.
herself made me a very Irish ball and it is GY-normous. I am going to cast on today and N OT CHEAT. Himself wanted me to cheat...

Grace said...

I am glad this swap was so well received and everyone is having fun with it!!!

Karen said...

Hope you enjoy unwrapping the yarn as much as I enjoyed wrapping it! I, too, thought this was the best swap ever!

PS I forgot to stick the yarn wrapper in the box - would you like to me stick it in the mail and/or email you the relevant information?