Monday, March 05, 2012

Weekend Fun

On Friday I couldn't wait to get home and get into the kitchen.  Do you have a routine to end the week?  Mine is cooking.  We grab a sandwich at Sprouts or a salad at Subway all week but Friday is ALL MINE!

I decided to make spaghetti and DH was saying, "Yum, yum," all the way home.  How do you make spaghetti?  There are so many ways to do it that I am often surprised that it is still called spaghetti and not "that pasta and ground beef with sauce stuff."  I mix ours together after the spaghetti and the beef/sauce mixture are cooked so it is a sorta, kinda spaghetti casserole, then sprinkle with an asiago/romano cheese mixture.
After dinner I relaxed with my knitting, a glass of merlot, loving the fact that when I cook I don't do dishes.   Also, I made scones last weekend so I finished the day with a scone and a cup of Tazo Calm tea. 
Scones are my next favorite way to finish off a week.  I make mine using a British recipe with flour, sugar, butter, half and half, baking powder and baking soda (no eggs) all thrown into the food processor together, then I add cranberries or nuts and occasionally grated dark chocolate.  They are light and sweet and go with a hot cup of tea like nothing else in the world!!  Also, I sometimes serve them with fresh preserves.
The cast on rectangular shawl in Blue Skies Skinny Cotton is growing and I can't wait to finish it for the summer.  It will be perfect to toss around my shoulders to ward off an air conditioning chill.  Love it!!

Life is good!!


SissySees said...

Pretty shawl! I think I might go bake, since the sun is out and our snow is melting already.

The Knight really loves baked spaghetti, which is what I call the "all mixed together" stuff even if I only toss it in the oven to melt the cheese on top.

kathy b said...

Hey that shawl is amazing!!!

SO funny that you post spaghetti...someone at work last night gave me her secret....
she cooks the past,a
in another pan she browns italian sausage and then adds a can of herbed/garlic tomatoes..and a.........wee bit of whipping cream! ! YES! then she mixes it all up.......

Cubs pregame is on WGN right noel..we are loving it

Grace said...

Love the shawl!!! Share the pattern please!

Spaghetti here is seperate sauce with meatballs or Bolognese sauce and then seperate spaghetti (we use Rienzi corn/rice pasta) topped with cheese (not a fan of asiago though for me it tastes soapy)

Your scone recipe is a lot like Toms from the Baking for two book we use. He likes to change up his add ins last week it was peanut butter chips and a smear of peanut butter. YUMMY!