Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Playing In Dirt

Knitting is moving slowly because I have been playing in dirt.  The kids gave me a raised garden for Mother's Day and it will be put here:

I will be able to do most of the gardening from the storage shed patio, which solves one of my BIG gardening problems--I am a redhead (even though the hair is grey at this time) with fair skin and no tolerance to sunshine.  Another gift was two Amazon gift cards, and one was used this morning to order gardening gloves, long-handle tools and a pair of frog green garden galoshes.   
I also ordered a mini-mega seed bank from   I've heard good things about this company and have sampled some of their veggies from DIL's garden. 
To my great sadness the bunny warrens have to be cleared away, so we are having that done today.  You can see the finished garden with the rabbit fencing around it, ready and waiting for the seedlings.  Look out garden, here I come!!
Anyway, playing in dirt doesn't leave much time for intense knitting which is what is needed at this stage of Easy-Peasy Shawl and Lace-edged Cardi.  Two inches to finish the first sleeve on the cardigan and one more foot of length on the shawl and I will cast on for a new project and stop pestering you all with inch by inch progress.  I guess I will get back to serious knitting when the novelty of gardening wears off and I've eaten my fill of veggies and just can't face another tomato. 

Life is good!


SissySees said...

Big fun!! I am on a NO SUN "diet" for two weeks. I haven't told Sissy yet. I don't think it will go over well at all, but it IS getting hotter, and girlfriend doesn't tolerate heat well at all...

kathy b said...

Love love love the galoshes!!!! Love the green.
i get all happy when I start the garden for the year...

keep knitting