Tuesday, October 09, 2012

One To Another

The double sided hat is finished and I am now moving on to another hat.  I saw the pattern for a Fair Isle in a window-pane design and could not resist.  I am still working on Classic Cardi—about to finish the back and start the left front, but the idea of moving from one hat to another seems very Christmas-like to me.  I think the feeling is a holdover from the year of Christmas gift hats.
I confess to being a “one to another” person in most things.  I don’t mean that I hop around in an erratic way, just that I finish one thing and rather than stop and think about what to do next, I move straight to the next project.  I think it comes from being a chronic list maker.
Do you make lists?  I believe there are two kinds of people in the world of organization, the list makers and the non-list makers.  DH was the latter until he joined me in the business.  I guess he realized that to survive in business with me he had to have his every move written down—planned out—cast in bronze!!  I accept no excuses!  “Is it on your list?” I ask at least once a day.

There is a grief counseling program called One To Another that helps those who have lost a loved one move through the various stages of grief.  When we lost our daughter Carolyn I spoke with a counselor from the program on several occasions.  I didn’t go through the formal class but I learned enough about grief to know I would have benefited from it.  Grief comes at us in many forms for many reasons, the loss of a loved one, a job or a friend.  Even something as simple as moving from one place to another can cause a grief response.  If you suspect that you may be grieving over any aspect of your life check out One To Another.  They have books and DVD’s that can help.
As you can tell, I often hop from one thing to another when I’m thinking or writing, so here we go.  I saw this in the newsletter of a local Church last week and thought it was cute.  I wish I had been able to take Macy and Max.  The pups are a blessing every day, but there are days when those two really need to be lulled by a good blessing!!

I love the one to another sharing we have within our blogging community!!  Thanks to Kathyb for adding to the French phrase I used to end my last post.  Now it is:
La vie est dure parfois, mais Dieu est bon.  Life is hard sometimes, but God is good.


kathy b said...

LOVE the double sided hat finish. LOVE the window pane planes...
and thanks for the little kudos....
You know I LOVE you.
The grief information is great to know. I had not heard of that group.....

Nancy said...

Oh yeah, the double-sided hat is superb!

Grief counseling is something I could have used several years ago, but I muddled through somehow. It sure would have been easier with some help.