Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Sometimes my visions amaze me.  I have been thinking about a reversible hat with a different yarn on each side and a contrast brim that turns up.  I looked at a number of patterns, grabbed two skeins of yarn from the cabinet and started knitting.  The purple hat is knitted top down and the turquoise is bottom up.  I like the results so far!  I was afraid the contrast was too, too much at first but I like the blend as I get closer to finishing.  The top of the turquoise hat will be closed and pulled inside the purple hat and the brim flipped up.  OR I could put the purple hat inside the turquoise…amazing!!

I am a little eccentric about breakfast and have discovered an amazing and filling way to start the day.  Going without eating for the entire day would be no problem for me as long as I have a big breakfast.  Finding filling, satisfying breakfast foods is a challenge for me.  They also have to be slightly sweet because my sweet tooth is a sweet fang first thing in the morning!  Here it is:
Greek yogurt, one tablespoon of flax seed, and one-half tablespoon of honey.  This is not only yummy but very filling!!

And while I am talking about food, the soup I made last night was amazing!  I put two cups of chopped potatoes, sliced carrots, a cup and ½ of corn and two strips of bacon lightly browned, into the crockpot with four cups of organic chicken broth.  After three hours on high I added ¾ cup of half and half with a tablespoon of flour to thicken and continued simmering the soup for another hour.  WOW!!  Add to wow the fact that it is very low calorie (or only 4 Weight Watchers points if you are counting) and you have an amazing dinner.  I added bagel thins instead of croutons.

I usually end my posts with the words “Life is good,” but I heard an amazing and true statement last weekend:

La vie est dure, mais Dieu est bon.  Life is hard, but God is good!


SissySees said...

I don't know what I love most in this post... but probably the soup. I'm all about slow cookers and soups today.

I do love some greek yogurt though.

SissySees said...
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Nancy said...

Several months ago, I saw a pattern for the type of hat you are knitting. It should be very warm and will definitely cut the wind.

Thanks for the breakfast idea and the soup recipe. I'll try both.

Love the quote - it's so true!

kathy b said...

ohhhhh Im working on breakfast.....getting the hang of it. Im hungrier now in the morning because Im vegetarian at night.....

I LOVE Your hat. It is perfect and is going to be such a win win......who is it knitted for?????

Life is hard sometimes and God is good...love it Katherine

kathy b said...

I just ate leftover cornbread with syrup on it for breakfast..yummmy

Katherine said...

Hi Kathy,
I am amending my statement to La vie est dure parfois, mais Dieu est bon" to add the "sometimes." I like that better! Thanks,