Friday, October 25, 2013

Bits and Pieces

It seems I have become a bi-weekly blogger because lately I can only get to it about every two weeks.  A lot has been going on with granddaughter’s health and grandma is on hand to help out hard working nurse mom when necessary.  Dad’s manufacturing business is in a busy phase and nurse-in-training brother has classes that can’t be missed.  So grandma and grandpa help where they can.   Your prayers and healing thoughts have been so appreciated and effective since she is finally set for surgery on November 6th to place a stent in the crimped renal vein.  It sounds like a long time to wait but she has lots of tests and things to do until then so it will be busy AND her pain is finally under control.  Please continue your prayers!!

I am aware that knitting would be moving along if I would just stay with one or two projects instead of trying to work on six at one time!  So last weekend I worked only on the next-to-the-last Christmas mitt.
I think I will be stopping with 9 pairs because there is a new project I want to start.  More about it next post, hopefully before two weeks!!
In the spirit of bits and pieces—someone named Wesley Bates said, “There's no need for a piece of sculpture in a home that has a cat." When I read that I was reminded of a picture I took of fireman son’s cat.  He sits for long periods on a bookcase or the hearth and pretends to be a statue.

Bits and pieces of me—the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, with my Kindle, an afghan, two dogs in/near my lap and football.  After reading for over an hour I heard the sound of snoring and looked up to see which dog was sawing logs.  It was DH in the chair across the room.   Now that’s relaxation!

Life is good.


kathy b said...

Haha Fireman is asleep as I type this at 5 pm.

SO glad you have a plan and countdown date for Sam ! Prayers abound and continue.

I LOVE the fingerless Katherine . You are right ready for the soon to be Holiday season! I better get moving.

Nancy said...

Continued prayers coming your way - may the time waiting for surgery go by quickly and without any unforeseen complications. So glad that you and your DH can help out at this time.

Love all the fingerless mitts.

SissySees said...

Oh I'm so glad the surgery is scheduled. Prayers and crossed paws!