Monday, October 14, 2013

Gone and Back--Again

First I must crow a bit!  Darling granddaughter #1 ran in the Chicago Marathon yesterday and we are so proud of her that I can’t stop smiling.  We were kept up to the minute by the wonderful text messaging system set up by race coordinators.  It gave us her time and position at various points during the race, and actually told us the approximate time she would finish.  Her first marathon!  She is Superwoman!  Son "Dad" and daughter-in-law "Mom" are really super as well!!

I’ve been away again.  Granddaughter #3 has been unwell again and I have taken my turn sitting, doctor visiting, and generally entertaining to keep her mind off of the state of her health at this time.  IT IS getting better I keep telling myself and her.  I'm praying for that to be true!

So, here I am weeks later wondering what happened, how I managed to get zero knitting done.  One thing we have learned over the last couple of weeks is that the dogs hate traveling!  We spent four days at dear daughter’s home with grandkids while she and hubby traveled.  I thought Macy and Max would get with the program.  Not so much!  They protested at every turn.  “Feed me now.”  “I want to sleep here” (the middle of DD’s bed).  “Take me home NOW” (both sitting at the back door).  When time came to pack the car for the drive home both dogs were in the car waiting and watching over the back seat to make sure we packed their toys and bedding.  Since we have been home they have done nothing but sleep.  I guess traveling is tough on little dogs!

The brown mitt, the yellow socks and the Noro ribbed scarf went with me but knitting needles never touched my hands.  We ran around with kids, provided meals, hosted family members for the Cowboys game, did dishes, saw the kids off to school, cleaned, spent 4 hours in the Apple store to repair granddaughter’s broken iPhone (I hate the Apple store) and did about thirty thousand other kids and dogs things.  I have one thing to say about the time away—it was wonderful to be with grandchildren and family but I am so glad to be home.  SO GLAD!!!

Well, I’m here and gone and back again.  That’s all I can say except…

Life is good.



kathy b said...

Oh My goodness. Poor Grandaughter!!!!! ugh.

Im so thrilled for your marathoner!! Wish YOU came to Chicago. YOU know we'll meet someday.

Poor pups. There is no place like home. Im sure your family really appreciated all you did for them. How lucky they are to have you!

SissySees said...

Uber kudos to grandD #1, and prayers and crossed paws for grandD#3. Life is all about ebb and flow, isn't it?

LOVE Macy's GLARE. The same one happens here, of course. ;)

Nancy said...

Sending good thoughts and prayers for GD#3. It's wonderful that you were able to be available to distract and support her.

Congratulations to your marathoner!