Thursday, March 06, 2014

Happiness Is...

Happiness is having a great-grandson and being young enough to enjoy him.  Do you ever think about the fact that you can be in your mid-fifties and have a great-grandchild?  Happiness is pretending I am a great-grandmother in my mid-fifties and daring anyone to challenge me.  Anyway, grandchildren are wonderful but great-grandchildren are amazing.  I look into his face and see his mother, his grandmother and, not the least of fascinating things about him, I see me.   

Most of all I see a boy who at 9 months is already his own person and learning what life is about at faster-than-light speed.

Happiness is putting a relaxed slant on my knitting.  I am far too stressed in my day to day work to let discontent creep into my knitting, so I take a “whatever” approach to it.  That means if a wonky stitch is more than 20/30 rows back I find another way to handle the problem and rarely ladder down to the offending stitch.  (It also means that I do not do Kitchener or short row—too much thinking required). 
                                                             "Wow Mom, it makes me dizzy to look at these." 
My best evidence in the case of my relaxed knitting style is these mittens I knitted more than 10 years ago.  You can see the problem right away.  I wear these babies ALL the time and when a knitting client recently suggested that I might unravel the gloves beyond the slightly off thumb and reknit them, I thought for a moment and said, “Why would I do that?  They work the way they are and you are the first person to notice them.”  She suggested that maybe she is the only person bold enough to mention the glaring mistake.  Some people….  At least I get paid to take abuse like that!

Happiness is, as always, warm puppies on a cold night.
Life is good!




kathy b said...

anyone who points out that design flaw is just jealous. I would never reknit them. Knitting is for many things…and enjoyment is one of them.
Love the baby ..oh so cute.
Love the pups.
You sound good!

Nancy said...

I am pretty casual with my knitting, too. If the error is in a gift I MIGHT frog and/or fix it, but if it is for me, I rarely frog. I do tink a few stitches, but rarely more than half a row. Most of my knitting is utilitarian or pretty basic, so "design elements" don't matter that much.

I love the bright eyes and smiles on your great-grand.

SissySees said...

What a happy boy. Clearly, you have a beautiful family.

How rude! The mitts are beautiful. The end.

Those pups are precious. Gg might have the same jacket!