Sunday, March 23, 2014

Simply Wonderful

Over the course of fifty many years of knitting I have used almost every type of yarn (wool, bamboo, linen, cotton and so on) and almost every brand available.  I have said many times on this blog that my favorite, by far, is Simply Soft.  Good old acrylic, made by Caron, Simply Soft yarn.  It is soft, has a smooth touch, is machine washable and wears like steel wool.  There is not a single bad thing I can say about Simply Soft!

After all these years of yarn buying, I discover that Wal-Mart not only has Simply Soft in every color imaginable, but it has variegated colors.  This may be new—at least I have never seen it before, and they are gorgeous blended colors like the one I am knitting with.  It is called Sticks and Stones, and is brown, blue and grey and did I mention that it is cheap? 

Another thing that is simply wonderful in my book is the online seed store known as  Year before last I ordered seeds from them and had a rip-roaring garden from the seedlings.  Then last year I opted for the already started plants from the garden shop with far less success. 

So this year I ordered another “seed locker” from SeedsNow.  They shipped the same day and I am ready with seed trays and starter pods to put those seeds to use.  Wish me luck because another repeat of last year’s gardening shenanigans could cause me psychological damage.  Once again, I should mention that it’s cheap!  Most veggie and herb packets are $.99.
The greenhouse is not out of the question yet, but the guys are talking over designs and I have the feeling that it may be next year before they make a unified decision.  (Come on guys, it’s not a treehouse it’s a simple rectangle).

I received an email message from Journey North telling me that the Hummingbirds were expected in Texas on March 19th.  We are juiced up and ready to entertain the little beauties.  I have a new tripod and will get my new (Christmas) camera from the nurse/photographer in the next couple weeks, which should mean some really great photos.

Life is good.


kathy b said...

You've sold me caron simply soft

I WILL be buying some. LOve the variegated look.

Hummies. We are so far from Hummie time but I'm delighted they are headed your way.

Happy Seed starts!

Nancy said...

Simply Soft is the ONLY acrylic yarn I purchase anymore. Like you, I am pleased with the color choice, the way it knits as well as wears.

The Hummers don't arrive here until early to mid-June

SissySees said...

Neat!! Tofutsies is still my very favorite yarn, and I found three balls in the blue-green scheme for a baby blanket.

I don't garden. The deer eat my flowers and our rocky, red clay soil doesn't grow veggies... Yeah. I know... raised beds. Maybe one of these days when the Knight and I both have more reliable leisure time!