Friday, November 14, 2014


Our granddaughter Samantha is 19 today.  This event is surrounded by many miracles.  First, she is healthy!  What a blessing to our whole family that after 2 years of hospital visits, tests, medication, and a visit to the Mayo Clinic, she is well.  When she was here yesterday I asked, “How are you feeling?”  She answered, “Great!”  Blessing upon blessing!!

Another miracle is that she is 19.  I don’t know how that can happen because her mother was 19 just last week and I am only 10 or 12 years past 19 myself.  Amazing miracle!
Miracle of miracles, we will be having Thanksgiving AND Christmas ON Thanksgiving day and Christmas day this year.  That just doesn’t happen when you have a family of nurses and a firefighter.  Samantha will be helping with the cooking this year because she wants to learn from Grandma.  We have a very small kitchen that doesn’t have enough work space for the seven dwarfs, so we are adding a movable island.  It will require moving a pantry cabinet to the other side of the kitchen but it will bring welcomed work space for the effort.

I am well into the second sleeve of the sweater and realizing that it is aptly named (Blanket Sweater) because it is so heavy I don’t need an afghan over me in the evenings when I knit.  Of course, the warmth is added to by the fact that both dogs love to snuggle on top of the sweater in my lap.  It’s a miracle I can knit that way and it’s not like they are not comfy in other places…

Under the heading of blessings, which I suppose are a form of miracles, comes children who think about us and do amazing things for us.  I’ve mentioned before that nurse/photographer son makes sure that I have the latest camera and this week he came up with a new one that he says is my Christmas and next birthday gift.  Nothing like covering two occasions with one gift.  I usually get his hand-me-downs and I love it because they are top of the line cameras, but this one is new and incredible.  Now if I can just learn how to use it!
 Life is good!


kathy b said...

There is something so amazing about having the HOLIDAY"S on the holidays! I know your pain and you joy!!!
Love that your granddaughter feels great. So thrilled.

love your stripe work and your knit pals....they sure make it hard to get up!!

SissySees said...

What a joy-filled post! We're excited for you, especially about the holidays ON the holidays. That's huge!

And a belated birthday wish you to your dear grand-girl.

Nancy said...

Praise the Lord for Samantha's return to good health and that she is eager to learn the art of preparing the family holiday feast. She is a beautiful girl with a sweet smile.

Love the photos of the dogs - so sweet.

Enjoy your new camera.

elns said...

What a wonderful gift from your son! And what a fantastic holiday season it is gearing up to be for you and yours. Wishing you all the best together.