Saturday, November 01, 2014

And More Things

During non-working hours keeping busy with cooking, baking, knitting, gives me great pleasure, and every day I discover more things that make these activities pleasant.  I enjoy sharing “things I can’t live without” with all of you, so here are a few more of those things.  I would like to hear about the things that help you enjoy daily life around the homestead.

I have discovered Ball jars.  My personal favorites are the blue ones.  They come in green too, which would be great for my bread and butter pickles.  In addition, I have recently found that they make plastic caps for Ball jars which are good for storing but not so good for canning.  I have added a few of them to my regular lids and rings tops.  After making jelly, applesauce and pickles for a while, we have tons of the jars floating around the kitchen and have started drinking from them as well.  They are great to store juice or iced tea, and a perfect serving size.  I have one beside me now.  Note:  I also love my silly bottle brush.  The face makes me laugh.

How could any of us live without sock yarn?  I am pushing through the last two rows of ribbing on the bottom of Blanket Sweater and ready to start the sleeves.  Winter here I come!  Then I plan to start two pairs of socks with the lovely brown/grey/mauve and green yarn that was a drawing winner from sweet Kathyb, as well as the shamelessly PINK Lion Brand wool/nylon yarn.

One of my favorite things has saved my plants from the watering demon (me).  I always kill my household plants with w-a-a-a-y too much kindness so I started buying the little glass watering globes and putting them in each plant.  Voila, instant happy plants.  They get just enough water and are thriving.  This is the first time I have ever had happy plants.  Actually, it’s the first time I have had plants because in the past they would die soon after moving in with me.  The person who thought of these little gems should get an award!

Of course, I can’t live without warm, sleepy puppies.  I wish you all warm puppies and kitties.  It doesn’t get any better!

Life is good.


Nancy said...

I just ordered the same pink sock yarn: the colorway I ordered is called Lollipop.

The bottle brush is cute as can be and would make any job more fun.

I gave most of my Mason jars to my nephew. I use the ones I kept for storing leftovers or nuts.

kathy b said...

Ive been drinking out of Ball jars for years due to dropping the real drinking glasses. I love them. I love your bottle brush and I don't have one!

So happy you love your sock yarn win!

I can't live without: The clicker. I can imagine channel flipping manually like the old days!

I can't live without: my pampered chef lasagna pan . I love it. It cleans like a dream and bakes wonderfully from lasagna to casseroles.

I can't live without: facials. I get one a month...and I love the treatment and the way it makes my skin look!

kathy b said...

oh and I LOVE the pup and the quilt!

SissySees said...

Oh I love the bottle brush! That's very happy, but not as wonderful as snuggly, snoozing pups.

I have more sock yarn than I can use unless I speed up the knitting considerably.

elns said...

Great stuff! I don't know what it is, but I have been totally into pink yarn lately. I don't know if it's my new fall/winter color, ha! I am a huge fan of sock yarn, too.