Sunday, December 21, 2014

Do You See What I See?

Colby the cat is enjoying what he believes to be HIS tree.  He lives in it every Christmas—on the velvet skirt, two branches up under the purple ornament, and if given a chance right up there with the angel.  He has toppled the tree once and shaken it many times.  It wouldn’t be Christmas without Colby’s antics!  Colby belongs to fireman son and his sweet wife.

When I look at the Christmas tree I see lights and old family ornaments and the forever angel that has been around since the kids were young.  I never really see just one thing, but when I started experimenting with the new camera I found a lot of things I don’t seem to focus on every day like this package decoration from my NM days.  I stuck it on the tree back in 1997 and it has been on the tree every year since then.  I love happy coincidences!

Under the heading “do you see what I see” comes a priceless photo that I will drag out frequently to remind myself not to rush, race, and rage through holidays as I have lately.  I came home from shopping for Christmas brunch makings and a little gift shopping and was suddenly so tired I sat in the recliner and threw a blanket over myself.  I grabbed my knitting for a few minutes rest and that is the last thing I remember—until I opened my eyes to this….

Two little faces saying, “Mommy are you in there?  Isn’t it about time for our din-din?”

I’ve been away from blogging for a bit and I am missing the chatter we have established over the years.  I committed to posting at least once a week, but life keeps getting in the way.  I wonder if it would be fair to make the same commitment again for 2015?   I really enjoy the blogs you all share with me and want to be able to share with you more often during the coming year.  I will try. Again.

The birdies are visiting for food during the cold weather.  I especially love the Chickadees. Macy and Max are being their little angelic selves because it is a special time of the year.  They know there are toys and goodies in their stockings.

Macy has tried to get hers down from the mantle and being a Jack Russell Terrier she can jump that high.  Good luck stockings, you are on your own.  I’ll be knitting.
Life is good.


Nancy said...

What precious photos of Max and Macy, especially the one at the recliner!

I use unconventional items for ornaments, too. A tree is a place to display memories.

Blog when you find the time, I'll be here to read it.

kathy b said...

Colby is adorable! My cats don't climb the tree but they love lie under it. We can't put the skirt under it or Rosalyn gets confused at 18 and pees on it....
no skirt.
no pee

Max and Macy are too dang cute.

I LOVE your each and every post. I LOVE you Katherine.

SissySees said...

What happy photos! I miss having my tree up (again), but next year...

You blog when you can. We'll be here. Life is hectic, and you don't need the blog to be another box on your to-do list.

Merry Christmas!