Tuesday, December 30, 2014

And A Fine One It Was

I am hoping that each of you had a Christmas like ours, joyous, happy and filled with love and peace.  We had the Christmas we could have/should have had last year.  As you may recall, last year was a wash-out.  Christmas was called on account of DH’s Big C surgery.  When the “all clear” was issued somewhere in January, Christmas was just a momentary realization that it had never occurred.
At the same time, our sweet granddaughter was in the hospital after two surgeries and also missed that one day a year that stands for hope and family gathering.  Add to that the lightening-strike fire later in the year that could have greatly changed our lives and we had a reason for calling the whole year a loss.
We were determined to have a Christmas that would cast a shadow over all others—and so we did.  It was a beautiful day that found us sharing a hearty brunch, opening gifts, laughing together, hugging and welcoming friends and extended family into the celebration all during the day.  It was our version of Cheers and I kept expecting to hear, “Norm!”  

Was it perfect?  Not by a long shot!  An extended family member who was badly burned in a RV fire last month gave up the fight and left us the weekend before.  What does that prove—that life is a gamble?  Does it say, “nothing is ever perfect?”  Or does it tell us that we should just stop trying?  I say none of the above.  We discussed this and as a family we choose to believe and to cultivate the proposition that through it all—whatever happens…

May the love and joy of Christmas be yours throughout the New Year!
                                   G-granddaughter Harlowe Carolyn ready for Christmas
                                     G-grandson Bryce with Santa (no lap sitting for Bryce)
Life is good!


SissySees said...

Sometimes we have to choose joy. I'm glad you and yours are doing just that! Love the non-traditional photo with Santa, and that you clearly spread good cheer!!

Nancy said...

A wonderful post! Yes, love and faith make all obstacles and detours manageable or smaller.

God's blessings to your family in 2015.

kathy b said...

Awww Im so happy you had a fantastic Christmas.
What a year indeed for your family. Yet you drew together not apart! you saw the good in hope and you all showed us that Family love is of great power.

happy new year the year of the SHEEP

elns said...

I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful Christmas, one so deserved as a family.

I love the idea of keeping the spirit of Christmas through the year. It is joy and hope we should remember when it's tough and rough and everyday.