Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Love Is...

Love is when your children remember their sister’s birthday even though she is no longer with us, except in our hearts and memories.  Dear daughter brought us a birthday cake yesterday so we could celebrate Carolyn’s life.  I was huddled in a blanket in the chair, feeling sorry for myself and knowing no one remembered except me and DH.  The doorbell rang and all that changed.  We had a memory fest and laughed the afternoon away while eating Carrie’s favorite chocolate cake.

DD is really good about the memories—keeping them close and making them a continuing treasure.  Like flowers from Carrie on my birthday and always playing Frank Sinatra for me when I’m down. (Carrie had a passion for Sinatra music even though he was long before her time).  Her brothers are good about touching bases with us when she is in our hearts and minds for one reason or another, and there are so many reasons!

Sixteen years have not dulled the vision of her face in my mind or the memory of her laugh.  We remarked yesterday about how many times during a gathering/party/event, someone would say, “Carrie is here.  I heard her laugh.”  We still hear her.

Her son and her daughter are evidence that she was here.  They are as beautiful as she was.  Her sister wears a heart made of all of Carrie’s gold jewelry melted into one piece.  It is engraved with her name on one side and “The heart remembers” on the other.  That says it all.

Forgive me for indulging these feelings in this post.  I promise to be back to the knitting next post.  I just had to say what was in my heart this time because the memories will not stay silent.  The heart does indeed remember!

Life is good.


kathy b said...

OH sweet Katherine. I Love hearing about your dear daughter Carrie! My friend Carol, who i Knit with, lost her Sarah 20 years ago at age 2. WE always talk about Sarah!! I was her nurse. oNe of many!
So happy you had a cake for carrie!

Nancy said...

No need to ask for forgiveness for sharing about a sweet, and loving daughter. From what you shared, I am sure I would have loved Carolyn.

Hugs to you and continue to keep those precious memories in your heart.

Grace said...

very sweet that you all remember and share----always tell us what is in your heart!

SissySees said...

Bless you, my friend. Yesterday was 21 years without Daddy, so I understand. Grief is a tough master and in some respects, a constant companion.

elns said...

Thank you for sharing your memories. It's a lovely post and I'm glad you and your family have such wonderful memories together, despite what is a such a loss. All the best