Thursday, January 08, 2015

Why I Can't Decide

My knitting evades me sometimes.  It runs from me and I’m certain it goes next door and begs to be relieved of my uncertainty.  I have fallen back into the old pattern of multiple projects.  I need to knit socks but the socks do not get done no matter how much I knit at them.  I also need to finish the baby sweater I started a month ago for Harlowe Carolyn, as well as the afghan that was to be my first project of the year.

I sat down and closed my eyes last night and attempted to think only about the problem.  What is it and why this happens to me.  I have four projects going and none are nearing completion.  Why?  Then it hit me—I don’t want to knit socks.  I don’t want to knit baby sweaters or afghans.  I want to knit sweaters. 

Meet Kat’s Casual Pullover.  I hesitate to say it is my own pattern because the idea comes from a pattern that I have tried to knit twice before but the instructions are wonky. Note: I will not say there is a problem with the pattern as written, but that my understanding of the pattern is twisted.  Anyway, sweater it is and I am happy.  All is well in knitting land except I still need socks!  Hmmmm.

The birds have been visiting for food to stave off the winter cold (17 degrees today).  It would seem that we have the only water bowl and bath in the neighborhood because I’m sure every bird for 10 miles around has been here to drink and bathe.  Mr. Cardinal has developed a passion for skating on the iced-over birdbath.  He loves to peck through the ice and drink the cold stuff beneath.  Then he hits the thistle feeder before heading home.

Mrs. Cardinal has joined him this week.

Staying warm takes many forms here in the Comfort Zone.  Macy and Max know how to stay warm, although Macy likes to have a sweater and a big comforter to help. 

Max opts for his thick fur and a chance for a belly rub.

Me, I like a pot of simmering apples for applesauce to warm me up.

Life is good.


kathy b said...

Ha ha. Ive been fickle too!! My baby blanket is now a bonnet.
MY sweater is coming along. Great minds think alike

The dogs are too dang cute. Your birds skating sounds adorable. I should put out water, but it would freeze too quickly here. minus 8 this morning .

Nancy said...

Startitis (is that really a word?) has struck my knitting bag, too. I can't seem to focus on one project at a time - a cowl, three pair of socks, and a baby blanket.

I could sit and watch birds all day - no cardinals in this area that I've seen.

Love your cuddly fur babies. Give Max a belly rub from me.

SissySees said...

My mother loved to bird-watch, and cardinals were her favorite. Snuggle those pups warm! Are all piled around the fire enjoying a quiet evening.

elns said...

What a great post. You really nailed it. "I don't want to knit ... that."

It's like the knitting knows you aren't loving it and therefore is not growing towards completion. I am glad, give in to the happy knit. I'm sure you'll return to the others.

Love the birdie pics and the images of everyone's methods to keep toasty.