Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Use 'em If You Have em

Not that I needed to start another project, but I have these wonderful little 7 inch Signature needles that I never use.  I picked them up a few nights ago and let me tell you, once you have them in your hands there is nothing to be done except knit with them!  I admit they are a bit slippery—I’ve dropped one out of a few stitches at the beginning of a row too many times to count.  The overall knitting experience, however, far outweighs the disadvantages.

So, what do you do with two such needles when you have them in your hands and they will not let you put them down?  I decided that a quick knit, so I could get back to the many, many existing projects, would be to knit fingerless mitts—flat.  I’ve never knit mitts flat before but I’m half-way through the first mitt and loving it.  These are seed stitch on the back of the hand (I love me some seed stitch) and stockinette on the palm.  I should finish the first mitt tonight and will be able to report on the total Signature knitting experience in the next post.

Tax season is upon us and I haven’t even finished year-end financials.  I hate to admit that but it’s hard when the client doesn’t bring you his last quarter data until late January.  I hope to finish all that this week and on to bigger and better things.  Well, maybe not better but certainly bigger!!  I am holding fast to my resolve not to complain this year.  At.  All. Then I will feel free to openly discuss retirement next year.  I mentioned the “R” word to a 25 year client a few days ago and he just laughed.  I wonder what that means….

The pups have no problems.  They can’t figure out what the crazy weather is doing from day to day, but hey, why should they be any different?

Mrs. Cardinal visits regularly.  I think that in this photo she is saying, “I just washed my crest and can’t do a thing with it.”
Here are our beautiful granddaughter with our handsome grandson, her brother.  Josh is holding Anna's Bryce and Anna is holding Josh's Harlowe.  Aren't they cute!!!  Anna is also expecting our fourth great-grand(son/daughter).  Next post, pics of GGD Adelyn from their new home in Savannah, GA.
 Life is good!


elns said...

I'm excited to see how you feel about knitting the mitts flat. I've never done that before.

I'm impressed with people who resolve not to complain about work especially during a busy time. It's good though, it keeps morale up. Otherwise it's a whirly bird of eegads.

And speaking of birds, love Mrs. Cardinal's caption :)

Grace said...

i too have been on a mitts journey recently i do want to attempt real gloves soon I too love my Signatures

kathy b said...

MY goodness what a great post Katherine
I Love the grands and greats . I LOVE the wall behind that your wall?

R is for real and retirement is awesome. IM here to urge you on!

I love your seed stitch mitts . How perfect. Is there anything quite like knitting the stitch you love on needles you love??

Nancy said...

If you can swing it financially, I say make the leap into retirement.

Love the mitt and the needles: slippery needles make for speedy knitting, and I love slippery needles.

Precious photos of the Grands and the pups. Life is good here in Wyoming, too.

SissySees said...

What a beautiful, happy family you have!

I hate seams, so no flat mitts here. I do love slippery needles though, unless I'm knitting with silk.

Oh look. A basset lapdog. Evidently, Sissy says "hi."