Thursday, February 19, 2015

Imagination Gone Wild

I imagine that things are easier to stir or mix by moving a spoon or implement counter-clockwise rather than clockwise.  I don’t know if it is habit, tradition or fact of right-handed majority that causes us to stir clockwise, but I believe imagine it is not the most efficient method!
My imagination goes crazy when I knit with one color.  Do I imagine it or do projects with two or more color changes move faster than a one color project.  I have been faithfully knitting the Weekend Pullover (the pattern says Gauzy Sweater) for several weeks and have just reached the place where I put the sleeve stitches on holders and start knitting the body.  I am tempted to insert a stripe or two on the body to make the whole thing move faster.  That would do it, right?  Maybe not.
Is it my imagination that Cardinals are a lot like humans?  Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal come to our feeders every day and they bicker and pick at each other.  I’m told they mate for life but I have to wonder if there is a lot of divorce in the Cardinal community.  They spat and squabble and pick, pick, pick at each other.  Then he brings her a nut and she trades him for a bit of thistle and they rub their beaks together and fly away happy.  Yep, just like people.
My imagination has me convinced that really spicy Tortilla Soup will open my sinuses and help my allergies.  Never mind that I love hot, spicy food, I eat it for medicinal purposes—with cornbread.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

The pups are all wet because I took advantage of a warm day to give them a bath.  They are not happy.  No imagining that.

Life is good!


Nancy said...

I agree that knitting with more than one color makes a project go faster. I find it motivating and challenge myself to keep knitting until it's time to change colors or until the next stripe.

Your soup bowl looks very familiar - I had the same set of dishes for years until I gave them to my oldest sister to complete her set.

kathy b said...

Is it MY imagination or does a Weekend Pullover take a month or more to knit? I LOVE YOURS. Im jealous. I should have stuck with my top down sweater...but alas, I caved.
Love a clean pup!

SissySees said...

Sweater knitting. Novel idea. I have two in progress somewhere around here. Maybe I'll dig one out.

Love the bird story, but really, I want your soup recipe. I'd have that for lunch if...

Well. So much for squeezing in a run before the snow starts at noon. Not even 9 AM and I can barely see the Knight's workshop from the front door window!

elns said...

Your imagination is fantastic. I think sweater knitting regardless of the number of colors involved gives one a case of The Tediousness of it all. Hard to avoid without putting something else on the needles to switch it up with. This also leads to taking even longer to finish ...

I would rather be a Cardinal's Wife than a Blue Jay. Blue Jays have always seemed to mean to me.

I have the same theories about spicy soups and sinus/allergy issues. I'm sticking with you and sticking with the theories :)