Friday, March 27, 2015


It’s just odds and ends today.  Yesterday was wild and wooly (no not that type of wool) but we are being casual again on casual Friday by starting late and leaving early.  So, I thought I would take a few minutes to post some photos I’ve been taking, along with showing some knitting.

My office knit project yielded a new pair of socks this week.  I feel so good about it because it is the first complete pair of the year.  I used left over Blue Moon Socks That Rock yarn for these socks and there is still yarn left.  So I have the variegated pair, the green pair and the combination pair just finished.  I think there may be enough left for a pair of anklets for Darling Daughter.  What do you think?

There is another work-knitting pair in my lap and I am well into the second sock.  At least I am not buried in tax junk and can clear my head every now and then with a few rows of knitting.

The birds have been visiting our feeders in hordes since nurse/photographer son set up two more feeders and a suet cage.  We are the most popular bird restaurant in the neighborhood.  It was, however, my gone-to-seed garden that brought the first Robin of Spring to our yard.  I think he was finding lots of worms out there. 

Even though work was started late this morning I was not idle.  I took time to give Macy and Max a bath.  Macy is so good about sitting and allowing the indignity, but Max fights with all of his little body’s strength.  You can see that he is angry and I’m wondering what pay-back he is planning.  Macy is fuzzy and just wants a good nap.  

Life is good.


Tired Teacher said...

Max does look miffed. I'm sure he loved the snuggles that followed, so all will be well.

I've seen a couple of robins in my yard this week and can hear them sing in the morning. They are harbingers of Spring.

Love the socks! Yes, I think you will have enough for a pair of anklets. Happy knitting.

SissySees said...

Love those happy socks!

I MUST start on our taxes today. I'm hoping to finish the draft tomorrow and call them done sometime next week.

Macy is a cute, fluffy girl! Poor Max... any chance he gets miffed just so you can make it up with extra snuggles?

elns said...

Those socks are great! Sock photos are my favorite, but I like your bird and animal photos. Your dogs look soft and cuddly there.