Friday, March 13, 2015

Ditching On Friday

Just for laughs I want to share with you one of those things that would drive you to drink if you didn’t keep your sense of humor about life in general.  Darling daughter’s new Samsung S5 was stolen when she was traveling a few weeks ago, and I agreed to order her replacement for it.  It was all taken care of after an hour on the phone with A.T.&T. and the insurance provider.  Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE A.T.&T. but they are a large corporation and we all know that means inefficiency.   So, when asked if I wanted the phone sent second-day I said yes of course and paid the $14.95 charge.  The following is the tracking information they provided.  You will notice they delivered it on the 10th and it was ordered on the 5th.  Also keep in mind that Benbrook IS Fort Worth so it would have been faster to drive over and pick up the phone!  (And could someone please tell me why it went to Dallas for “sorting” and came back to Fort Worth?)

I have been knitting—on the sweater mostly.  The body is almost finished and then the sleeves.  I have also knit on baby things.  Pink baby things!  We learned last week that the new July G-grand baby is a girl.

Our Texas grand-kids come to visit often and the first question I get is, “Do you have pie in the fridge?”  Of course I do!  Sometimes it is chocolate or lemon or peach but their favorite is apple with a smidge of maple walnut icing.  The last time grandson came by I didn’t have any pie and he said, “I hate tax season.”  I took the day off today and a baked pie.  The Granny Smith apples are gorgeous this time of year and I love the smell of brown sugar and cinnamon on apples.  It reminds me of my mom’s fruitcakes.  So, the pie is in the oven and I am going to go knit and catch up on Revenge.  That’s the way to spend a Friday!

Macy did better than we expected with her tooth extraction.  She had a couple of confused days when she wandered around the house and office with a dazed look, but now she is chasing Max in the backyard and acting like a normal JRT—stubborn and opinionated.
It makes me happy that a Dove is warming itself on our back fence...
Life is good.


Tired Teacher said...

I love to make pies, but there's no one around here, other than me, to eat them; thus, no pies are made. Savor a slice for me, okay?

I've had packages take the scenic route to my house, too. It's crazy!

kathy b said...

Oh that red tape ! I usually do fine with good old USPS until recently. I guessed at the stumpage and must have been off. The recipient never got the envelope and I never got it back. That is the FIRST time in years though, truly.

Its PIE's day. She's two today. We know she was born in March so we had to pick today for her bday.
She is being spoiled with catnip and a new wand toy.

Im so glad your pups are well and back to normal!

I know you are swamped with Tax season. Wishing you a few moments of peace !!!

elns said...

Yeah seriously the route some of our shipping takes ... sheesh.

I love that you always have delicious things like pie around for you and your family. I think it's pretty cute your grandson "hates tax season." ha!

Sweeter that you took a day off to bake pie :)

SissySees said...

I love it all... will you share your pie - and maple glaze - recipes? Hooray for Macy's complete recovery. We aren't there yet.