Monday, April 27, 2015

Little Things

I’ve been knitting little things in the form of baby caps and headbands because granddaughter #2 is giving us another sweet baby in July and for her "we’re-so-happy-it’s-a-girl" shower she has asked me to knit little hats, caps, and headbands.  Using Nancy’s (of Wyoming Breezes) sock yarn pattern I have just finished number two in as many days.  I plan to add a big yellow sunflower to the lavender cap and the pink will have pink ribbon decoration.  You can see how little there was of the leftover sock yarn when I finished the pink hat.
Other little things have appeared lately, like this very little woodpecker.  I looked out the window and saw what I thought was a Chickadee on the suet cage.  Chickadees do not usually like to peck at the suet so I watched until he came around the side so I could see him clearly. Woodpecker!   
TINY little Woodpecker.  Keep in mind that the suet cage is only about five inches high and five inches across.  I’m talking little!  I wonder if his mom knows he is out of the nest.
We have added solar shades to our kitchen—the kind you can see through and still give a cool, afternoon shade that has never been present in our southwest facing kitchen.  The installer kindly offered to clean the windows before letting the shades down for the first time and when he started to remove the little plastic stickers from the window I nearly fainted.   
Fifteen years ago granddaughter Sam created a plastic ice cream cone and a flower in a pot and stuck them on the kitchen window.  She said, “Grandma don’t ever take them down.”  I promised her that I would never, never, never take them off of the window and there they will stay.  It’s the little things that matter!

Two little things that bring joy everyday…


Life is good.


Tired Teacher said...

Love the hats! I need to knit a 2x2 rib on some of mine, too.

What a cute little bird.

kathy b said...

So happy Tax season 2015 is OVER. Ive missed you Katherine. That is a tiny woody!
Oops on the stickers...she would understand!
LOVE the baby hats. A new little one!!! Oh joy!
Love that you will FLOWER THEM>
Hi to the pups!

elns said...

Oh you really do have such a wonderful assortment of little things to enjoy and celebrate. I love your little hats, I'm especially fond of the stripey pink one :) I was reading your text and literally found the mother in me wondering, "yes, i wonder if his mother knows ..." eggads, I'm a nutter today. But it shows you, I really enjoyed your post.

SissySees said...

Cute hats and congrats on your growing family.

It's fun to have little mementos, isn't it?