Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hats Off

The latest knit is off the needles, hot on the heels of Summer Pullover.  I’m calling it Sleepytime.  As you may know, a craniotomy has left my head susceptible to cold (and vibration) which lead to severe migraines.  So, I sleep in a hat to protect my head from the A/C at night.  Also wear one in cold, windy, rainy and high pressure weathers or in other words--a lot.  My latest knit is made of doubled #10 crochet cotton—one strand of pink and one of off-white.  By using a row of “knit 2 together and yarn over” between four rows of stockinette I have an airy head cover that is warm but light-weight. 

DH has learned which hat I wear for the current weather condition and often says something like, “Can I bring you the Malabrigo hat” or “Would you like me get your cashmere hat?”  Happiness is a sensitive and well trained husband!

Featherweight Cardigan is coming along. 
It seems that I have to have at least two projects going at all times, so also on the needles is Simple Knit Shrug done in Lion Brand Amazing.  Up next—Walk in the Park Cardi.
Mr. Blue Jay has been back twice this week.  He is shy and jumpy because there are hawks in the field behind the house.  Occasionally I find a few blue feathers in the yard and fear that one of the big blue guys was hawk food.
Also the Finch have been especially colorful this year.  The pretty yellow ones will give way to the dark red Purple Finch later in the summer.  These are just a sample of the birds we see right out of our kitchen window, and the pictures I am able to snap with a Cannon SX 60HS.

Life is good!


elns said...

Life is good :) Mr. Finch is such a beauty I have to say. I remember having a a very aggressive blue jay at one of the first places I lived when I moved out. He stole the peanuts from teh squirrels and scared all the other birds away from feeders and seed. They are not very fearful of much in my memory -- so it's interesting to learn about the hawk.

Your are lucky to have such a sweet husband. I'm glad he looks out for you and is so considerate! I'm glad you've made various weight/warmth hats for your comfort. I wish migraines on no one.

all the best.

kathy b said...

aw Katherine, I'd forgotten about your sensitive Noggin' That is so cute that your dear husband cares for you and knows your particular hats. Love your blue and green new knit up.
You have jumped right back in to production, now that Tax Season is a memory.

We had a blue Jay yesterday. I put out some peanuts and he was checking them out. Fireman loves our goldfinches and they' are gloriously GOLDen right now. WE have two downy woodpeckers....a mom and babe. The babe looks as big as mom, he/she waits for her to feed him. Momma goes to the suet and then jumps over to the youngster and fills his gullet. WE had one lone male hummingbird a mONTH ago as he traveled though and he never came back. Phoey on him! I say, we don't need ya! (Im secretly hoping, every year, we get hummers for more than migration like our friend who lives a half hour from us!)

Finally, the Cubs bleachers are finished and tonight is the first game with both sides open. We are expecting storms though......go Cubs. Go HAWKS.
Im also praying to Carrie to help my mom out these days. My mom is a block from the Carmelites. The nuns run here nursing home and that's comforting to us all

kathy b said...
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Nancy said...
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Tired Teacher said...

So clever to use double strands of crochet thread to knit a light-weight hat.

Love the photos of the beautiful birds.