Sunday, May 01, 2016

Can You Hear Me Now?

I was talking with daughter Bethany a couple weeks ago and was about to mention that she was mumbling as she so often does.  Just then she picked up her phone and dialed a call.  Then she said, “Hi Terri, my mom needs to see you.”  When she hung up I discovered that she had made an appointment for me with her audiologist friend.  “You are deaf mom,” she said.  What?  Me?  The rest of you mumble and whisper.  I’m fine!  I wasn’t!
Two weeks later I have been fitted with not one, but two state-of-the-art, Bluetooth equipped hearing aids and, wonder of wonders, I can hear you now—and anyone else who may be talking.  I was shocked to discover that all of my hearing (ALL) was well below the normal range of hearing.  What a difference the hearing aids have made.  I feel like a new person and more than a little embarrassed that all this time I thought everyone else had the problem.  They could not enunciate clearly—bless their hearts!  The really good news is that I have new eyes and new ears.  All I need is a body transplant and I’m good for another 50 years!
I wandered into daughter’s powder room a few days ago and noticed a hand towel that I knitted for her three Christmases ago.  It is still in fairly good shape but definitely needs to be replaced.  I came home and immediately started a new towel (or two) for her.  I’m doing alternate stockinette and garter stitch rows to give it a striped effect.  It is a little greener than the first towels but I like the summer bright color.

The double blanket is moving along s--l--o—w--l—y.  When I get bored I pick up a scarf I’ve been working on because I love the way it feels. I am a very tactile knitter and need for my knitting to feel good in my hands.  The turquoise scarf is done in Simply Soft so it satisfies the feel good needs.  You notice I have not mentioned the gray socks.  The first sock is still resisting completion.  This is the first time I have had second sock syndrome on the first sock.
Pups are sleeping—the thing they do best.  No wait, that’s squirrel chasing. 

Macy is always available when called.  Max?  Not so much!
 Life is good.



Tired Teacher said...

Great news on the hearing aids: they sound fabulous. I noticed a couple of years ago, that I wasn't hearing as well as before and had a baseline hearing exam. Last year, I had another - no change, but it is still a bit frustrating that I can't hear as well as I'd like.

Love your knitting projects.

kathy b said...

Well how nice that she is using that gift towel to death!!!
How funny about your hearing....
I always told the kids they couldnt see colors well and it was me...

Fireman totally needs a hearing exam. He's in denial. His years with sirens have done some damage...and his yearly exams said so, but' he's a taurus and he's very stubborn!!!

elns said...

Oh I'm so glad you have your hearing enhanced! Yay! Also hand towels are a brilliant gift idea. I love that your daughter actually uses things you knit her. LOVE. And that last photo of dog in pillows. that's a squishy one for sure!