Sunday, May 29, 2016

Bees In Bonnets

My mom would often say of me that, “She has a bee in her bonnet.”  Other times she would murmur about me being “On a tear.”  I spent a lot of time with my trusty Grolier Dictionary and Encyclopedias searching for explanations of the things she was saying about me.  The closest I could come was to believe that the bee/bonnet thing meant I was buzzed about something and being on a tear meant I was off and chasing something.

I believe the proper description of my new fascination would be “B” in my bonnet, and the “B” stands for Bohus.  Have you ever knit any Bohus patterns?  I love Fair Isle but I certainly have never been Bohus brave.  The time is NOW!   

Because they are so very involved I plan to start with a hat (bonnet).  I’m assembling yarns and colors and plan to start in the weeks ahead.

I can hardly wait to finish this year’s sweater because I love the colors so much.  I bought the yarn before the eye surgery so the colors are not what I thought at first.  Knit Pick’s Comfy is yummy yarn and I thought the color “Hawk” was a soft mink brown.  It is not!  Hawk is most certainly grey, but it still looks good with the coral and green for the shoulder bib.

Macy is a blur as she plays with two toys at once. 
Max says, “Do you have a treat?”

Life is good.



kathy b said...


Is a Bohus like a Lopi? Colorwork on the yoke only?

I love your color combos.

HI PUPPIES! SO good to see you. And that little tongue stick out is adorable.

Tired Teacher said...

I've never heard of Bohus, so I must investigate.

Love the photos of Max and Macy. I got a chuckle from Macy's two toys. I hope Max got his treat: he's adorable.

elns said...

Well I use your Moms, "Bee in the bonnet" on the regular as the kids say. I've dabbled with "on a tear" and I'm not afraid to use "hell bent" either.

Anyways, I get in moods. Usually it's related to baking.

I am not a Bohus or Fair Isle knitter. Just haven't gotten to Fair Isle yet, but doesn't mean I don't appreciate it!