Thursday, September 08, 2016

And Then A Long Weekend

The Labor Day weekend came and went with a whisper this year.  No loud bangs or big parties, just hmmmmmm….  We have been traveling on the last two Labor Day weekends but this year we couldn’t think of a single place we needed to go or a single thing we needed to do.  The weather was glorious for Texas in September (85 degrees) so the patio got a lot of use—right up until the moment I saw one of these:

I couldn’t take a picture of the actual scorpion on the patio because he was mashed flat and really gooey within 15 seconds of my spotting him.  Then Bill had to say those words I DID NOT want to hear, “I’m sure he has friends and family.”  The exterminator was here the next day!

Still, I was able to enjoy the lovely breeze and cooler weather while knitting another dishcloth.  Boredom is setting in with the summer stash buster sweater.  I only have 5 more inches on the back then I can put it together and start the sleeves, but I couldn’t knit another green row so I finished a dishcloth like the one that Judy sent me in the swap. 

I’ve been using Judy's in the kitchen since she sent it and really needed more.  It is a complicated pattern but one that is easily memorized and very pretty when finished.  Thanks for the pattern Judy!!  Now for a different one….

I found this free slipper pattern and can’t wait to make a few pairs for Christmas gifts.  They are really simple and look like they would be fast to knit.  The pattern is written for a knitting board, whatever that is, but it isn’t hard to translate that into knitting lingo.

Requests for prayers and good thoughts—my ophthalmologist is sending me to a retinologist on September 15th because I have a big blob in the middle of my vision in the left eye.  She thinks it may be a retinal tear, hopefully not detached.  I am concerned but hopeful and praying a lot!! 

Life is good.


Tired Teacher said...

Prayers coming your way - gotta take care of your eyes. No heavy lifting or getting too excited (scorpions, included) until you see the retina specialist, okay?

Love the dishcloths you're knitting.

Judy S. said...

We encountered scorpions once when we visited friends in TX; scary critters they are! (Our kids had slept on the floor that night, too.) Good job on the dishcloth! What's the pattern on the second one? It looks very pretty.That looks like a fun slipper pattern also. Is it hard?
Hope your eye problem can be resolved easily! Thinking good thoughts in that regard.....

kathy b said...

Love your dishcloth copy!

Off to pray to st. Lucy about your eyeballs. She is the sight and light saint. I'll put a note in to the Carmelites for you as well. We want your eyes in good shape. Shall I send you candy eye balls for Halloween?