Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tips And Druthers

Here’s a tip for you:  don’t start knitting dishcloths because they are the potato chips of the knit world.  Knit one and before you know it you have 25 without blinking.  I.  Can’t.  Stop!!  I am currently on my 5th dishcloth and thinking of all the family members who have asked for them during the last couple of years.  I can knit them until next September and they will be snapped up as fast as they come off the needles.  Here’s a clue to tell you how serious the problem is—I am now knitting dishcloths from two huge cones of Peaches ‘n Cream.  Forget those cute little skeins, I’m into the big leagues baby!

As for druthers, I love Ravelry because knitters can post free patterns and share with other knitters.  There are for fee patterns on Ravelry but we have the option to pick and choose.  Over the years I have bought a lot of patterns.  If I fall in love with a design I don’t hesitate to purchase it.  If I have my druthers though, free is for me.  Here are a few freebies that I have recently downloaded and printed...

A free tip:  Have you ever used DROPS patterns from GarnStudio?   
They have gorgeous free patterns for beginner to expert.  Of course they offer yarn kits to complete the pattern but I usually print the pattern and use stash yarn for the project.  I also like Knitting Pattern Central, a free pattern site that is set up to help you find the best free patterns available—like the Christmas Pickle pattern.  I’m serious, Pickle.  

Another tip:  Did you know there are two free sock patterns on this blog?  Druthers:  I would rather have photos with them but the pictures were eaten by the switch from WordPress to Blogger and I can’t find the original photos.  I must start using something like Flickr.
The pups are waiting for lunch.  Always waiting for lunch!

Life is good.




Tired Teacher said...

Thanks to Kathyb, I've been knitting dishcloths, too. I'm on my sixth one. Yikes! I recently found some cotton yarn at a thrift shop, so I'm knitting and knitting dishcloths.

I love free patterns, and use them all the time. I've only purchased a few patterns on Ravelry.

For heavens sake, feed those poor starving pups! ;o)

kathy b said...

They get lunch? spoiled babies! How FUN! A little bologna?

Haha Im glad we all got back into dishcloths. I plead not guilty !

elns said...

I can feel your enthusiasm for the dishcloth knit through the screen. I love it and keep enjoying it!

I am grateful for the free patterns on Ravelry and I have checked out DROPS too and done one or two a while back.

Just wanted to mention. I really adore your "About Me" photo and description. It makes me smile big.

Judy S. said...

Kathy forgot to tell us that dishclothitis was catching, didn't she? LOL Wow, you really have it bad....cones, yikes! BTW, thanks again for that little box of knitting goodies; it's so handy. Took it to Chicago, so it's well traveled, too.