Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Have You Noticed?

I have been doing a lot of different things lately and don’t seem to be working much.  That’s because I am NOT working much.  And I love it!  I will not say retired just yet because we did spend time in the office clearing away the last of the extended corporate taxes for September 15th and now, extended personal taxes for October 15th.  After that I will go back to clearing the garden, knitting on the patio and sewing along to my latest audiobook The Good Neighbor. 
Daughter Bethany and husband were caught in Orlando, Florida during hurricane Matthew.  She was there for a medical conference.  They were to take over Universal Studios for an afternoon, so hubby joined her to celebrate their anniversary.  All rides and attractions were to be free.  Sadly they closed down and daughter and hubby were stowed away at their hotel with enough food and water for three days.  They reported that flashlights were in high demand and they had to settle for these:

And this for food:
That’s not all bad!
I finally finished the hand towel, a Christmas gift for Bethany.  It is blocking while I consider sewing lace on the ends if I can find just the right lace or other edging.  Any ideas?  You can see my big goof in the picture.  It doesn’t show when the towel is hanging.
Speaking of goofs, I started another dishcloth and decided to create my own pattern, but messed it up on the second pattern repeat by knitting an extra two rows of garter stitch.  It was supposed to be a row of yarn-over, knit two together followed by three rows of garter stitch.  Instead of ripping it out I decided to make each garter section two rows wider to the middle (the heavy duty wash-up area) where it will be 5 rows of garter stitch, and taper back down on the other end.  It will match and my mistake will be useful.  That’s what I get for trying to design!
The pups are getting used to me being busy in a different way.  Suddenly their little lives are shaken by me knitting on a chaise rather than my office chair.  It seems they consider me a captive audience when I’m working in the office.  Macy’s crate is her safe haven lately.
Max wants me to be outside with him all day  We will make the necessary adjustments as we go along!

Life is good!



Judy S. said...

Glad your daughter weathered the hurricane OK! Your to-do plan sounds great to me. You deserve it!

kathy b said...

When I think of how the cats live 100% inside the house I understand a bit more their need for us to be around. Fezzy cries when we leave the house and runs to the front door to make us feel guilty leaving.
They love us. We are their world.
I love the dishcloth and cant see a thing wrong with it ....
Glad they were safe in the hurrican. perhaps there will be a make up play date??

Tired Teacher said...

Welcome to semi-retirement! Settling in to a new routine is difficult but soon everyone finds the new routine fits well into the day.

Great job on the hand towel. Have you considered knitting a white or cream lacy edge to the towel?

Love your dishcloth design - no mistakes - just an opportunity to adapt your thought process.