Sunday, October 23, 2016

Old Thoughts and New Ideas

I’ve told the story of how my mom’s best friend Stella taught me to knit and crochet.  When I bogged down on a project and wanted to put it down and go out to play she would say, “Keep at it for 10 more minutes.”  Generally I would get caught up in the rhythm of the needles and keep knitting for another hour or so.  Right now knitting is repetitive and a bit dull.  I am stacking up dishcloths for Christmas and diligently working on the stash sweater since it is getting cooler here by the day.  I need someone to tell me to “Keep at it for another 10 minutes.”  Perseverance really does pay off.

I have finished two more dishcloths and now I think I will stop for a while and finish the sweater during the World Series.  
 How about those Cubbies!!!!

I didn’t knit during the game last night.  I was sewing buttons on the shirt I just finished and hand basting pieces from a Thanksgiving scrubs shirt I am making for Bethany. 

A product endorsement--Bill and I have been kicking around the idea of buying a Ghost Bed.  Our Sleep Number bed is over 12 years old and has a few issues.  So I ordered Bill a Ghost Pillow to give us an idea of what the Ghost thing is about.  He has been having problems with his neck and five pillow purchases later still can’t find the right one.  When the Ghost Pillow arrived I put a case on it, put it on the bed and lay down.  Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!  Now I have to order another one for him.  I have not let go of the Ghost Pillow for three nights and IT IS MINE!    If you have pillow problems I give this pillow the highest recommendation.  It is pricy at $85 but worth every penny!
Pups say “Hi” and “What’s for lunch?”

Life is good.




kathy b said...

GHOST Pillow? I may try one!
With you every pitch

Tired Teacher said...

The Ghost Pillow sounds interesting. Did you purchase it locally or online?

Judy S. said...

Never heard of a Ghost Pillow! Nice looking wash cloths! How many have you done?