Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fall Back

Lately things have been smoothing out.  Work hasn’t slowed down at all but I have.  I’ve given myself permission to relax and do fun things like knit and my fall back interest, sewing.  Do you have a fall back?  I know Judy embroiders because I’ve seen those magnificent socks, and Nancy makes the Best. Quilts. Ever.  Kathy could go into the making and selling bears business.
I’m a little confused at this point about which is my fall back, knitting/sewing or sewing/knitting.  I am doing a lot of both!  I discovered a hat last week, printed the pattern and couldn’t wait to start it.  Fortunately I had yarn that I think will work in stash.  It has a stained glass look to it and offers the opportunity to do some Fair Isle, which is one of my favorite things. Back to knitting.
Then I received the flannel from Fabric.com—my favorite online fabric store.  I plan to make another flannel baby blanket, this time for the new boy baby, with a Paw Patrol design on the front and sweet baby blue on the back.
Back to knitting:  I discovered a skein of variegated, heavy weight cotton in stash.  I wondered what kind of dishcloth it would make and of course a knitter can’t ask a question like that without finding out the answer.  Already on the needles!
We are in need of hot pads in the kitchen.  I made a dozen of them to go with the microwave bowls for Christmas but none for us.  So I decided to grab some leftover 100% cotton batting and make some cute heart shaped hot pads to spruce up the kitchen.  More sewing.
Finally, there is the constant and most important dog toy sewing.  Macy and Max are hard on toys and love to pull the stuffing out of them.  (In the picture of the cotton yarn you can see a squirrel's tail which has been reattached to the squirrel).  So I re-stuff the toy and do some heavy-duty sewing along the tear, then toss them on the floor of the sewing room.  The pups have started sleeping and/or pacing outside the door to the room and when they see a toy on the floor there is a mad dash to see who gets to it first.  I usually try to put down two at a time and whichever dog notices it first tries to get both toys into his/her mouth. 

It seems I have a lot to fall back on, and it is working—shoo anxiety and stress!!

Life is good.


kathy b said...

Wow. This is a fantastic future post. I'm so happy you have renewed interest in all your hand work. The dogs and stuffing is so cute. Huck never ate the stuffing either. He just pulled out the stuffing and then was content. He'd done his job!

Tired Teacher said...

I can't begin to imagine what those without hobbies do with their time or how they manage to stay sane.

You've got some great projects in the works.

Judy S. said...

Good to see your post! Yes, I also can't imagine a life without handwork; I just don't like to sit without something to keep my hands busy. Love that Paw Patrol fabric!

elns said...

Dog toy sewing is a brilliant idea. I love the idea of the fallback craft and I'm like you. It used to be that baking was my fallback but lately, the baking has been dominating my time. I think we are in the middle of a flipping flopping of the situation.

What I really want to do is declutter, just a teeny tiny corner of my life and I will feel ... more relaxed. I'm almost there!

Enjoy the fallbackS!

Anonymous said...

My fall back is DEFINITELY knitting! It keeps me from getting too stressed out.

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. Giroux (a.k.a. Mr. G) is a stray that showed up on our porch a couple of years ago. We were not cat people either. We always thought of ourselves as DOG people ....we love them all, but the bigger the better. Mr. G. has shown us that cats are pretty cool too. He's a little ol' love!