Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Partridge On The Needles

You know how the Partridge In The Peartree is the last thing in the song? Well, I've got a partridge on my needles--one of those oops, last-minute gifts I didn't expect to have to knit. My firefighter son asked me on Sunday (three days ago!) if I could knit him a thick, wooly pair of black socks to wear with his boots. Of course, they had to be black so I had to go buy the yarn on Sunday afternoon. But I decided to knit a little grey into the ribbing where no one would see it, but it would give them some character. I finished one sock last night, and now here it is Wednesday before Christmas and I have finished the ribbing and am starting on the leg of the second sock. I just might finish it if my accounting clients stop wanting end-of-year stuff. I say let's stop everything but knitting right now and catch up the rest of it after the first of the year!

I really didn't expect to be knitting anything else until after Christmas. I have gift wrapping to do, and baking to do, and Christmas plays to see, and visions of sugarplums to contemplate. Here's the thing...when a son asks for a special knitted gift, you stay up nights to finish it . It's so special and wonderful that one of my guys actually would cherish, and take pleasure in something that I made for him--you just don't say no to that. My greatest concern is that I will have to give him the second sock with needles in the toe. I swear I'll sit there Christmas morning and finish it while I watch everyone open gifts! It makes me realize that the reason we knit is to make ourselves happy by making others happy. Isn't that the essence of Christmas giving? Life is truly good!

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you, and as always, happy knitting.


krediet said...

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Kev said...

Where did you find that pat? I want it!!