Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What Was I Thinking?

At least I can post a picture of the Snow Angel socks, because they are for a long-time friend who does not read my blog. In fact, she claims to be blogging illiterate. Once again, if you click on the pic you will see the snow sparkle. Now, isn’t that pretty?

So, that makes ten bags, three pairs of socks, two scarves, and a pair of itty-bitty sock earrings. I started in October and still it’s going to be close. I still have to finish one scarf, one pair of men’s fingerless mitts, and one more bag—an add-on for the same old friend getting the above socks. Then there is all the in-store/mall shopping for grandchildren to do, and a whole bunch of cooking. I said Santa was tired. Well now he has gone out for a drink and I don’t know if he’s coming back!

I know why we do this to ourselves! We love it! It’s fun and it produces memories that last all year. I still remember things from last Christmas. I won’t try, however, to duplicate them because this year will have its own outstanding memories that will stand alone—without parallel and without need to duplicate.

Well, I have to go. The phone is ringing. It’s probably Santa, and he wants more money. If I find out where he is—I’m there!

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Becky said...

Cool! They really do sparkle! What kind of yarn is this? I love that you sneak little bits of color into your boring man-socks.