Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I Can't Stop!

I'm still at it--sock knitting that is. All that Christmas sock knitting wasn't enough. Now I'm down to the toe on the first lime waffle sock (Koolaid dyed by friend Kris). Also, another pair of black man-socks. Click on the photo and look at the cool teal I knit into the ribbing. I had to do that to keep it from being so boring, and it is little enough. I used a teal/black varigated yarn to perk up the top of the socks. I mentioned to DH that I could also do the heel and toe in the varigated. He nixed the idea as being not masculine enough. Phooey! Men are so touchy about their socks--as if the top, heel or toe shows at all. He said, "What if I'm wearing them when I change from my golf shoes into my regular shoes in the locker room?" I told him that all the other men would probably stand up and applaud.

Christmas was wonderful, and the week between this year and that year is so far quiet and calm. Only one client meeting planned, and the rest is knitting/play time. I need all the rest I can get during this one week sandwiched between Christmas preparations, and the year-end reports due in the first month of the new year. But we come to the new year with a load of good vibes from a Christmas that was truly memorable. The grandchildren were all happy; we spent time with old friends; we ate the best of foods and didn't care about calories, and we finished everything off with a nice long nap. That's the best of the best. Hope yours was the same!

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