Thursday, May 11, 2006

Guess Who Came To Breakfast

These big guys come for breakfast most mornings. They live in the barn and pasture behind our house, and keep coming back because I keep a big bag of carrots in the fridge, which I feed to them over the fence. Macy, the Jack Russell, thinks we hire them to entertain her. Poor babies, I didn’t have any carrots this morning. I could almost hear them thinking, “Why doesn’t she just break out the apples?” They hung over the fence for almost half an hour, while I took pictures. By the time I finished, they were wandering off to the fence next door where our neighbor was feeding them sugar cubes.

This is the same neighbor who laughed at our car mirror earmuffs, and then asked if I would knit him some to keep the birds away from his car. His car took a beating after we covered our mirrors with the earmuffs. Every bird in the neighborhood decided to make a believer out of him by pecking his mirrors unmercifully, and leaving little bird packages of joy on the side of his car. He now has a new SUV, which sports the bright green earmuffs I knitted for him, and he’s a happy camper!

Knitting—oh yeah. I got off track for a minute there. I started this scarf last night to see if I like the pattern, and in a wool that is not as soft as I want this scarf to be. I grabbed the first thing that the stash thrust on me. I would really like to make it in cashmere or a cashmere blend. I’m looking for good prices now, before I order. I don’t want this to be the six-million-dollar scarf. This will be for my Irish dancer GD (#2). I made the Irish Hiking Scarf for her a couple years ago, and she reported complements on it when she wore it to “hike around Ireland” during her visit there for a dance competition. If she will wear them, I will knit them.

I would love to tell you what I am making for GD#1, but she reads this blog! No way are you getting anything out of me this year Jess! She knew all of her knitted gifts last year before she got them. Then, she told me that she reads the blog. Okay, I’ll give you a hint—one thing is made from Blue Moon Fibers STR, and it’s not socks. Now go back to studying for finals!

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wendy said...

I got my package....Thank you!