Thursday, May 04, 2006

MacArthur’s Park Is Melting….

All the sweet buttercrème icing flowing down. Someone left the knitting out in the rain… Okay, getting carried away here. If I don’t stop playing around in the ivy and get in out of the rain I am going to be struck by lightning.

This is what it looked like last night.

Recalling my post from the 29th about acrylics, I have hauled out the Homespun and started this shawl for DD for Christmas. I call it the Buttercrème Shawl, because it reminds me of that wonderful, sinful icing on cakes. I used to watch my Mother dump large quantities of butter and powdered sugar into a big stainless steel mixing bowl, slosh in a bunch of vanilla, and whip it all together. I wanted to dive right in and slurp my way out. When it comes to cooking, well, I didn’t pick up her skills. To make matters worse, I passed on my philosophy to DD, (i.e. don’t learn to cook because if you do some man will expect you to do it). I thank God for these three things: 1 – Since its just the two of us now, we grab whatever we want, whenever; 2 - DH is a meat and potatoes man, and that’s about all I can cook; and 3 - He cooks better than I do and loves to do it. Me—I’d rather knit!

When our kids were growing up I used to cook, but Mother lived with us the last 25 years of her life, so I had her guidance. Whenever I was about to burn anything from toast to steak she would say, “Why don’t you go knit and let me finish.” She was subtle. As a result I was conditioned to knit when things are not going well, knit when I should be doing something else, and knit at irregular and peculiar moments (at movies, standing in the rain, during parent/teacher conferences, etc.). I don’t knit in Church, but I do knit in meetings. It’s not a problem with clients—at least they keep coming back so I guess they don’t mind. It’s okay for you too. Go ahead and knit, wherever you are. If anyone complains just tell them I said it is okay!


wendy said...

I miss Texas storms.

emily said...

I got a loverly pair of socks in the mail, and I believe they are from you. I love them. I'm wearing them as I type. Thank you so much! They are beautiful and perfect!

Wendi said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! It was nice to discover yours... I have to say that I'm SO enamored with the Sockapalooza socks you made. What a very lucky pal you have!
Did you see that I have 6 children as well?!

Wendi said...

I meant to add that I had to laugh at this post! When I got married, I was little miss self-sufficient, until a wise older woman told me to stop doing all of the around the house fix-its, because then hubby would EXPECT me to do them. I listened, and I'm so glad I did!

Kathy said...

Thank you for the permission. I'll start to say Katherine from Texas says its okay! I love the lightening bolt picture.

You don't have to write me back. Enjoy!