Thursday, May 18, 2006

Never Ending Knitting

This the knitting that never ends. It just goes on and on my friend. Somebody started knitting it—and knitting—and knitting—and….I just don’t seem to be getting anywhere. I have been working on this sweater for months, and the socks have stalled and are mocking me from the knitting basket. “Ha,” I heard one of them say, “You will never finish me.” I fooled him though. I traded the #1 needles for #2s and I’m working on the last row of the toe now. It takes so long to knit a sock with the #1 needles that I will not try it again. It’s the #2s for me all the way! We have enough irritating rubbish in our lives—we don’t need disparaging dpns to add to the emotional clutter.

So, now I’m happy with the progress on the Lady Bird Beetle sock, and the STR Ruby Slippers sock is past the heel of sock number one, but what is the problem with the Something Red sweater? I think it is the ribbing—lots and lots of ribbing. It runs from below the boobs to the hips on the body, and five or six inches on each sleeve. THEN, another couple inches up one side of the front, around the neck, and down the other side. Ribbing, ribbing, ribbing. Love the pattern and the sweater, hate the ribbing. Next I’m doing the Debbie Bliss Classic Jacket—just straight stockinette. Yippee! It’s not that I’m a lazy knitter. I just want to finish something.

BTW, what are you people thinking out there? I can’t believe that last week you sent Chris Daughtry home and this week Elliot Yamin. What’s up? I can't believe that Kat might win. She completely messes up two out of three songs, is too, too cute, and can’t put two intelligent words together without tossing her hair and shrugging her shoulders. I’m being unkind. Forgive me. Actually, she is just not my cup of tea. Having raged over that, I can now go peacefully back to my knitting, and make more progress. Chris and Taylor, you rock!


Kathy said...


The lady bird beetle socks are sooooo cute. You are entirely correct about irritating rubbish in our lives. THank you for the reminder that we don't need knitting to be part of emotional clutter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wendy said...

Good Luck!

Katherine said...

Thanks Wendy. I finished the Lady Bird Beetle sock last night and cast on for the second sock. I will have to knit the leg with #1's, but after that I'll use #2's.

wendy said...

I bet by now they are almost done.

kellyhl said...

Keep plugging away; it's looking great!