Monday, February 05, 2007

Froggy Socks

These socks are TCU Horned Toad purple. I didn’t really knit them to wear at TCU football games, because that would mean I would get to wear them once every couple years, when TCU plays Army (DH’s alma mater) here in Fort Worth. Nope, I had this Monarch Fly Dyed yarn in my stash and decided that everyone needs a pair of purple “Froggy” socks, including me. I wore them yesterday, and when I sat down, and my jeans slid up just enough for my socks to peak through, I thought, “Oh my gosh, those are PURPLE!” To top off this “what-was-I-thinking” experience, I used what I thought was a nice dark blue fingering weight yarn to reinforce the toes. It turned out to be a much brighter marine blue in the harsh light of day. (Darn those fluorescent light bulbs DH has been using in all the light fixtures). I’ve decided it’s about time I bought myself a nice big Ott light! The eyes are not getting any younger.

Speaking of getting younger, lately I have become aware of the amount of junk I purchase every year to stay young looking, and I’ve decided it’s time for me to age gracefully. There have been numerous face creams and scrubs, there used to be the hair dye before the $60,000 haircut, and now there are pastes, gels and goops to spike the fashionably short silver hair. Add to that, all the “young” clothes to stay up with fashions--and considering just the amount of money I’ve spent since January, I should be 20 years younger by now. Okay, I admit it—it’s not working! Besides, youth is a state of mind. My grandkids keep me young, DH’s love keeps me young, and gratitude for just being alive keeps me young! Wrinkles notwithstanding, life is good.

Now for some youth inspiring doggy love…Macy in her stylish sweater, ready to go out and “swing” with the squirrels.


wendy said...

Great looking puppy sweater!

Ann said...

I love reading your blog! There are so many knitting blogs out there but few that I connect with, so I am happy I found you. I found you thru Ryan's Irish Dance Dresses...I am an ID dressmaker and knitter, too. If you don't mind, I will post a link to you blog on mine,

Happy knitting!


Jenn said...

Perfect TCU purple! And very cheery!