Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Seven Things

Sweet Grace bestowed a Style Award on me and several others  and I am thrilled to start my new blog location this way!  These self-revealing things, however, are very difficult for me.  My mind goes blank when I sit down to write about myself.  Anyway, here are a few things that you might find interesting/strange/funny about me.

1.  My family calls me the "Technology Queen".  The big bag I carry everyday contains an iPod Touch, iPhone 4, and an iPad; I read with a Kindle, and I work with both a PC and a Laptop on my desk.

2.  I collect antique fountain pens and tea pots. 

3.  I've been a vegetarian for many years.

4.  If anyone could convince me that chocolate is not a vegetable I would be thin! 
5.  I have been owned by five dogs during my life but Macy is my favorite.  She holds my heart in her little paws.

6.  I can remember freakishly long lists of numbers and can remember phone numbers and addresses for years back.  (I would like to say it is my claim to fame but people seem to find it just weird). 
7.  I spent three years (25 years ago) as a Chicago Correspondent for the National Enquirer.  I couldn't find an accounting job and it was loads of fun and good money!   Don't hate me.

Anyway, I'm digging out from under the work and hope to have some knitting related stuff here soon.  Thanks Grace.

Life is good!


kathy b said...

did NOT know you were a vegetarian! Fascinating
I just bought some cards on etsy that say:
I love you more than Bacon...

Katherine said...

I love everything more than bacon!! I am a lacto-vegetarian though--I eat cheese and drink milk. I also eat fish.

kathy b said...

Im already here! HAVE BEEN with blogspot.since 2004 Kath, with next to no issues.......hooray

Grace said...

the blog looks great and you are welcome for the award

I too did not know you are a vegetarian I can go veggie for quite a while but then I need some meat! MY DIL is lacto-veg, my sister in law also and my son's BFF is vegan, so we are well versed in cooking in this style and it never hurts for us to indulge too!!