Sunday, May 08, 2011

A Little Now, A Little Later

Short post to show my latest FO while EZ Cardigan is blocking.  I'm calling this Kat's Collar.  I had three skeins of bamboo yarn that had been around for some time.  I dislike knitting with bamboo because it feels slippery to me.  I do, however, like the fabric it creates so I decided to bite the bullet and make something.
Yup, that's where I started--something!  I cast on as though I was starting an end-to-end scarf but when I started adding increases with the idea of making the scarf curve around my neck a whole different "scarf" began to develop.  After a few more increase rows I was still knitting with the first skein so I figured a shawl might be possible. 
Knit row, increase row, knit row, increase row and so it went.  When I noticed that I had about two thirds of the last skein left I did something so out of character that even I don't believe it--I CROCHETED an edge.  I crocheted!!  I don't do that.  Ever!  I don't like crochet.  It hurts my hands.  I don't like the way it looks.  I never, never crochet!

Ahem...I give you Kat's Collar (with the crocheted edge).  I'll write up the pattern later if anyone is interested but it is so easy you can do it without a pattern.  Just cast on 200 stitches and go to it.

More later after the EZ Cardi dries.  Life is good!


Amberpearl said...

That's so lovely. And I'm sure that for those (like me) who hate crochet a knitted lace edge would work too.

Katherine said...

Hi Anne,
If I knit this one again I will surely knit the lace edge! The crochet edge is a once in a lifetime thing. I have returned to my senses!
Hope you are well and knitting lots!!

Grace said...

inventing as we go is so much fun, I feel the same way about that yarn, not fun to knit but love the drape

Katherine said...

So true! As I was knitting I was thinking, "Whose idea was it to make yarn out of bamboo?" I'd like to have a word with them. LOL

kathy b said...

I love the dark shawl...great work Katherine. I am casting on a dark one this week!!!

I am in MN with my sister and we just had a great drive up. I knitted all the way!! except for one little nap.

Katherine said...

I love knitting and napping on trips! What a great excuse to do two of my favorite things. Be safe!
BTW I love your new shawl!!