Saturday, April 30, 2011

One Word

What caused this?
One word--Max!  Can you believe anything with this face could cause that much damage?  He is so sweet one minute and the next he is sneaking into the knitting basket on little stealthy paws.  In this case he was sleeping in my lap while I was knitting.  He crawled up and gave me a kiss on the chin, rolled over and snuggled me, then jumped down to get a drink of water.  At least that is what I thought he was going to do.  For two beats.  Then I saw the yarn stretched all over the floor and wrapped around the coffee table legs.  Max sat, smiling at me, in the middle of the rubble.
Macy is totally another type of dog.  She was six months old when she came to live with us.  We received her as a gift from a couple who discovered that they were not prepared for the high energy of a Jack Russell Terrier after paying a hefty price for her highness with all her royal papers.  We did our JRT research before we accepted her and were a little worried about the description of living with what was described as a "turbo dog."

On the first night she lived with us she did indeed turbo.  That's when a JRT races through the house, bouncing off beds, over chairs, around tables, over the back of the couch--for what seems like hours.  That night it was only about 10 minutes before we intervened .  When I grabbed her as she flashed by me her little feet and legs were still churning.  Nine years later she is still doing it--as recently as last night. 
Even with all that energy Macy has never, NEVER done her business in the house, chewed up furniture or clothing or otherwise made a mess.  Max has done all those things and more. One word: Max.  Original mess maker.  Little rip up artist.  Sneaky yarn killer.  Max!!
Knitting?  EZ sleeves and Corinne.  Woo-hoo short rows!!
Life is good.


kathy b said...

I can tell you feel more relaxed by your posts. Glad your crazy work rush is OVER> Love your shawl knit so far...

Some DOGS are just purrfect, Like Huck and Macy

Katherine said...

So much more relaxed!! I'm enjoying life again.

Here's to purrrfect furrrbabies!

Marti said...

I like doing short rows but I have messed them up at times also! You are on a knitting frenzy aren't you?